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  • 05/01/19 03:32 PM

    Ogre3D 1.12 Released



    The latest release of Ogre3D, the open source rendering engine, is now available.

    This release focuses primarily on refactoring and preparing the code for future development although there are some new features. Highlights include:

    • #include directive supported for GLSL shaders
    • PF_DEPTH support for shadows with the RTSS and the Terrain component
    • RTSS 3.0: vastly improved internal API and refactored shader library
    • Per pixel-shading on D3D11/ GL3+/ GLES2 by default (via RTSS)
    • The GL3+ RenderSystem is now used for rendering the reference Test images
    • More precise timings for built-in profiler and support for external profiling via Remotery
    • unified API for fixed-function pipeline and shaders
    • NEON intrinsics for OptimizedMath on ARM (Android)
    • Stable Material library (Media/) that you can reference in your projects
    • the MSVC SDK now also includes the Python and Java components
    • support for loading 1.7 style terrains (aka “terrain.cfg”)

    You can grab the release from the Ogre3D download page.

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