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  • 01/25/19 04:06 PM

    Machine Learning
    ProbQA interactive recommendation engine for games



    We are now filling up the game base for http://probqa.com/ - an interactive game recommendation engine based on probabilistic question-asking system (ProbQA). In each step it asks the user about a game feature and offers multiple choices. The engine also lists top 10 recommended games in each step. Recommendations change as the user answers more questions. It's tolerant to errors in the user output. There is no script or decision tree behind, but rather a cube of statistics.

    Please, let us know if you want your game added to our base, by replying in this thread or contacting me directly. Your game doesn't need to be a top one to get ever recommended by the engine. Just it needs be likely a desired game for a user given his/her answers to the questions.This way the users can find your game even if they don't know about its existence in advance, don't know the keywords to search for or don't have any clear idea on what they want to play.

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