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  • 06/29/18 10:18 AM

    Russian social network OK.ru triples game developer payouts


    Sergey Tomilov

    OK.ru, one of Russia’s largest social networks, has tripled mobile game developer payouts to $1.6 mln (100 mln rubles) over the past five months.

    In a move to lure more developers from all over the world, OK.ru will give free traffic to new HTML5 games starting from July 1, 2018.

    There are a lot of opportunities for HTML5 developers in OK as it’s a relatively new platform and a low-competition niche in the social network. That said, the new games can quickly earn revenues and ramp up user base. In May 2018, 50% of payouts in OK were passed to top-5 games.

    The increase in developer payouts was caused by OK’s growing number of mobile users, higher penetration of broadband connectivity and the emergence of new mobile technologies that allow to launch any game inside a mobile web browser. That resulted in doubling the number of daily game launches on OK mobile platform to 350 mln.

    OK has 71 million monthly users. The social network allows users to watch streams in UltraHD, listen to music, buy goods and services inside the network and transfer money to 18 countries. OK is a part of Mail.Ru Group, the largest IT holding company in Eastern Europe.

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    Hi Sergey Tomilov,

    Great news! can we submit games in english to OK.ru and does it work well in terms of monthly users? i ask it because it's russian market so i guess it's better to make games in russian (seems logical).

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