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  • 08/15/17 07:51 PM
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    Snapdragon Profiler 1.7.1 Available


    • Posted By jbadams

    Qualcomm has released the next version of their Snapdragon Profiler, the mobile profiler for Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset. The new version includes a number of fixes for developers working on rendering optimizations, including:

    • Added ability to detect if application has Snapshot capture permissions
    • Improved drawcall list visualization for multi-context applications 
    • Improved tracking of graphics contexts affecting multi-context applications affecting all capture modes
    • Fixed various random crashes affecting connection to device
    • Fixed initial captured screenshot showing artifacts affecting Snapshot captures
    • Fixed application crashing on exit affecting various multi-context graphics applications
    • Fixed correlation issues with trace captures and Rendering Stages metrics on Android O
    • Fixed crash while capturing DSP and system traces simultaneously affecting Trace captures
    • Fixed crash while capturing various multi-context applications affecting Snapshot captures
    • Fixed crash and metrics not reporting data while capturing realtime metrics for multi-context graphics applications
    • Fixed random issue were per-drawcall metrics don't collect data affecting Snapshot captures


    Learn more at https://developer.qualcomm.com/software/snapdragon-profiler.


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