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  • 05/01/18 02:22 PM
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    Snapdragon Profiler 2018.1 Released



    Qualcomm has released a new version of Snapdragon Profiler, the mobile performance profiling tool. The release includes various bug fixes, a new Analysis mode, new Trace metrics across various SoC subsystems, and an experimental feature allowing developers to use the latest profiler updates for graphics profiling without having to update mobile drivers.

    Here are the full release notes:

    • Added Analysis mode to view statistics on captured data
    • Added experimental feature allowing applications to use the latest profiling layer (Android N+)
    • Added additional Trace metrics across various subsystems of the SoC
    • Improved context reporting for graphics applications
    • Improved metric calculations for OpenCL applications
    • Improved render target information in Inspector view for Rendering Stages Trace captures
    • Improved overhead performance of graphics profiling layer
    • Fixed 'Used' resource filter not displaying some resources for some graphics applications
    • Fixed crash when toggling Resources view 'Used' and 'Bound' buttons 
    • Fixed crash while performing a Snapshot capture with metrics enabled for some graphics applications
    • Fixed issue where various Realtime metrics kept running after application exit on device
    • Fixed various issues in Snapshot affecting EGL images
    • Fixed issue affecting Snapshot captures that created empty columns in Data Explorer for per-drawcall metrics

    Learn more and download at https://developer.qualcomm.com/software/snapdragon-profiler/tools.

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    User Feedback

    On 5/3/2018 at 7:43 PM, spacejump said:

    the most unstable, easy to crash profiler I have ever used.

    Hi @spacejump, could you please elaborate on what version of Snapdragon Profiler you used and perhaps what kind of content you were trying to profile? I work on developer tools at Qualcomm including Snapdragon Profiler and would like to understand what kind of problems you've been facing. Snapdragon Profiler is a constantly evolving tool and newer versions have gotten significantly more stable.

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