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  • 09/05/19 09:01 PM

    Steam Library Beta Releasing on September 17



    Steam is a powerhouse game distribution platform that is constantly changing. With features like the Interactive Recommender, Valve is always looking for new ways to up the ante and improve on their platform.

    A new beta for the Steam Library is dropping in approximately two weeks. According to their community post, some of these features are merely cosmetic, as a new look to the landing page. But other features are more aimed directly as the consumer and the developer.

    A new tool in the arsenal of the developers will allow them to make announcements when they update their game.



    Odds are, you've got games in your library that had incredible updates or limited-time events and you never even knew. Well, those days are over. We wanted to strike a balance between an in-library event feature that let you know about all the great things happening with the games you already own without bombarding you with notifications.

    Showcasing these updates is valuable to players and also developers. If you’re a dev, it hasn’t been easy to let someone know that you've just shipped a big update to your game, especially if they've moved on to something else. Now it is. Starting today, developers will have access to all new event creation tools that will feed directly into the new library (you can read more about the new event tools here).


    The post in full can be viewed with the link above, as well as our previous coverage on the Interactive Recommender.

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