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  • 06/22/17 07:34 PM
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    UBM Releases the VR/AR Innovation Report for VRDC


    • Posted By khawk

    UBM's VRDC surveyed over 600 professionals in the VR/AR/MR space to get developers' perspectives on the industry and the road ahead. The report findings include:

    • VR will be a profitable, sustainable industry in the mid- to long-term
    • Rise in popularity of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift among developers
    • Platform exclusives are becoming a bit more common

    Also of interest is the drop in external funding from angel investors and VC's, and the belief that AR will be more popular than VR in the long-term.

    Learn more at http://reg.vrdconf.com/VRDC-2017-Innovation-Report.


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