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    How We Optimised Our Scripts in Unity

    gameObject.CompareTag("MyTag"); I was not aware of this, I always did the other way around with "==" operator. Similar thing with the Input.touches[0] and Input.GetTouch(0). Nice tips Also be sure to compile with IL2CPP, compiler may optimize most of the things Thanks, nice article!
  2. ttesla

    v0.3.230 released

    It seems you had been a long way from the first release(checked the web site). I still have the old versions on my hard drive ;) (I had got the old version from oyunyapimi.org) There are some problems with the fullscreen option. (it does something weird, only menu bar disappears but it is not fullscreen). And the gui buttons of the game doesn't work correctly, I think it is undone or not implemented yet. I played with the editor and tried to open the map with the game itself but couldn't figure it out. But the editor itself seems very detailed. I made some big valleys and rivers. The water effect and terrain seems awesome good! . Easy to edit the map. But the model of male villager model seems extra large? , it is for test purphoses? It is nice to see the project still goes on. Keep up the good work.
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