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  1. Dragonsoulj

    Drunks Standing Around Punching Each Other

    I think this would be a very valid reason for me to boot up the Windows PC I'm building to test it. What you are describing is an interesting conundrum.
  2. Dragonsoulj

    Diablo 3 Resource Bubbles

    I like seeing some of the behind the scenes work you do. Bonus when it's a mini tutorial.
  3. Dragonsoulj

    Nav Bar Hover Text Issue

    Looks good khawk. Thanks. Wasn't sure how much access we have to the software code.
  4. Dragonsoulj

    Nav Bar Hover Text Issue

    Chrome + OS X El Capitan if it helps. Shoot me a PM whenever and I will get a notification and can test it. To clarify, it is just the right-hand items. The main menu (Browse - Store) are fine.
  5. Dragonsoulj

    Nav Bar Hover Text Issue

    I figured a screenshot may be useful. Apparently, this also affects my pencil/new content menu.
  6. Dragonsoulj


    Seems I forgot to comment. Looks like definite progress. I saw khawk post something about a new Urho version. Will you be upgrading with it?
  7. It seems when hovering over the links in the right-hand corner (Notifications, Messages, etc), instead of being able to read the hover text box that says what they are/how many items they contain, half of the box is under the nav bar, cutting off the text. Could just be a z-index issue.
  8. Dragonsoulj

    New Gameplay Video

    I can't wait for it to be released, if you choose to.
  9. Dragonsoulj

    New Gameplay Video

    I think it looks fantastic!
  10. Dragonsoulj

    Doors, Dungeons, MakeHuman, Bug Fixing

    If you care for suggestions for your doors, instead of doing a stone center panel, adding a beveled wooden panel may give off more of a door look, even though it does slide into the ground. Maybe adding a door knocker since having regular hinge and knob hardware makes little sense in this case?
  11. Dragonsoulj

    The Weirdness of Turn-Based Games

    I think your issue of having to wait while doors and such take their turns is okay it keeps the player updated on terrain and informs them of objects that can be affected. If you move the camera of each entity as it takes its turn, it should help, and in fog of war, stay on the last visible unit to take a turn. At the end, return to the last unit the player used. Just a thought on helping with the wait.
  12. Dragonsoulj

    Summoning, Healing, Combat Stats

    Sounds like progress to me!
  13. Dragonsoulj

    Why didn't somebody tell me?

      Whooa, this one is nice! Appears to be standard treeview controls too, works in an app I work on as well, except it appears to do fully recursive expansion. Not recommended on unlimited dynamic nodes.. Left to close trees, right to open trees, up and down to move through the list (as it operates as one long list for up and down, not as a tree). Regedit became so much nicer with this, especially after adding in the fact that you can start typing to jump to the next occurrence of whatever you type.
  14. Dragonsoulj

    Recommed a Alternitive to Photoshop that has ACTIONS?

    So them providing you with the serial number for it does not count?
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