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  1. New Gameplay Video

    I can't wait for it to be released, if you choose to.
  2. New Gameplay Video

    I think it looks fantastic!
  3. Doors, Dungeons, MakeHuman, Bug Fixing

    If you care for suggestions for your doors, instead of doing a stone center panel, adding a beveled wooden panel may give off more of a door look, even though it does slide into the ground. Maybe adding a door knocker since having regular hinge and knob hardware makes little sense in this case?
  4. The Weirdness of Turn-Based Games

    I think your issue of having to wait while doors and such take their turns is okay it keeps the player updated on terrain and informs them of objects that can be affected. If you move the camera of each entity as it takes its turn, it should help, and in fog of war, stay on the last visible unit to take a turn. At the end, return to the last unit the player used. Just a thought on helping with the wait.
  5. Summoning, Healing, Combat Stats

    Sounds like progress to me!
  6. Why didn't somebody tell me?

      Whooa, this one is nice! Appears to be standard treeview controls too, works in an app I work on as well, except it appears to do fully recursive expansion. Not recommended on unlimited dynamic nodes.. Left to close trees, right to open trees, up and down to move through the list (as it operates as one long list for up and down, not as a tree). Regedit became so much nicer with this, especially after adding in the fact that you can start typing to jump to the next occurrence of whatever you type.
  7. Recommed a Alternitive to Photoshop that has ACTIONS?

    So them providing you with the serial number for it does not count?
  8. Recommed a Alternitive to Photoshop that has ACTIONS?

    It is no longer supported, the activation servers are deactivated, and Adobe themselves provide you with the serial.
  9. Recommed a Alternitive to Photoshop that has ACTIONS?

    Photoshop CS2 is free. Why not use it?
  10. Something like this? http://www.sfml-dev.org/documentation/2.4.0/classsf_1_1RenderTarget.php#a46eb08f775dd1420d6207ea87dde6e54 The sf::renderWindow has a few helper functions for going from world coordinates to screen coordinates.
  11. Create A Gaming Operating System

    I don't understand what this means. Surely these people are easy to find. Linux OS is done by Linus Torvalds et al, BSD has a group of core developers as far as I know.   I very much doubt however that these are the people you need. They typically add or improve hardware drivers, and implement file systems, and virtual memory. "The OS" in Unix context is however not much more than that.   Maybe you think that OS means more than "the kernel"? Your picture suggests you believe the graphical display is part of it, which is not the case (except for hardware access for displaying pixels). You may want to read about the structure of a Unix system (Unix is the name of the API of a broad variety of systems, which includes Linux and BSDs). For graphical system architecture, the structure of an X11 system looks like a good start to me.     If my assumptions are wrong, maybe you could explain in more detail what parts you think you should modify?   As a follow up to this, making a display manager and a window manager may be what you need to do. These can be applied to existing Linux installs to give you the look and feel you want.
  12. Why didn't somebody tell me?

    You can also tap the first letter repeatedly to move among them. For instance, if you think your item started with S, just keep tapping S to jump among the files that start with S.
  13. Why didn't somebody tell me?

    apt-get upgrade does this, dist-upgrade upgrades everything... The problem comes when it tries to update glibc which is used by everything, so if it stops you can't log in, can't run anything, because it's a dependency of everything on the system...     I figured out what I was thinking of. update collects your list of potential upgrades upgrade updates your system dist-upgrade updates your system and handles updating the changed dependency files do-release-upgrade typically requires an option in your settings to be checked (or maybe a config file changed) before it works. This will update to newer versions, not just your kernels (of which mine are always held back under upgrade but update under dist-upgrade). http://askubuntu.com/a/226213
  14. Footware at work

      We do have office space, but the business itself is labeled as a steel foundry.