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  1. While this isn't a game, it's an application that could be quite useful to developers, since it has features such as customizable web search (hello php.net search) and ability to click a button to copy stuff to clipboard. Anyway, here's the spiel: In order to rapidly expand the CustomBar community and available user-created downloads, Lizardsoft is giving away 15,000 free copies of CustomBar until May 20, 2005. Obtain a free license at http://www.custombar.net What is CustomBar? CustomBar is a Window utility allows you to run a customizable and skinnable bar above your taskbar. This flexible app allows you to place numerous widgets on the bar. Examples include: Winamp info & controls System information Search Address box Mini Notepad Template copier Shorcut menus and buttons Recycle bin quick-empty Plus much more The open-ended design allows people to script new additions and to write their own plugins. The program is also fully skinnable. The goal is to give as much control to users as possible, allow people to make their own creations and to put what they want on their bar. The flexibility of the system makes this a toy in addition to a terrific way to add sanity to the Windows UI. Obtain a free license at http://www.custombar.net
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  3. Well I have finally done it, a couple weeks ago I managed to release CustomBar. CustomBar is a tiny 18 pixel high bar that sits at the top or bottom of your screen. It behaves very similiar to the taskbar, in that it is visible even when other programs are running. Unlike the taskbar, CustomBar allows you to place anything that you can dream of and build onto it. An extremely extensive prefab/plugin system makes your imagination the biggest limit. Screenshots Winamp controls allow you to quickly see what is playing or to alter playback. The music menu allows you to quickly select an album to play with minimal fuss. A lot of extra functionalty is built into the program's default prefabs through right-click. For example, a typical quick-search box can be right-clicked to expose further search boxes. There's a lot of other prefabs and each one tries to pack as much functionality into the tiniest space possible. Examples of some of the other stuff available: - System monitoring, including CPU, memory, network, etc. - Miniature notepad - Volume controls - Generate menus of shortcuts out of folders - Recycle bin quick emptier - Right-clickable brower launcher that lets you paste in a URL to a launch in new window - "Special Shortcuts" such as Show Desktop, Control Panel, and even the Run dialog. In addition to user creations, the default library of prefabs is expanding as well. Version 1.1 is already in development and here are some of the additional default prefabs being added: - Calculator Edit Box (type in a math expression, press enter and it gives answer inside the box) - IP Display (shows your current IP) - Improved upload/download monitors, now with support for dial-up and total upload/download - Much more (secret for now) Using the editor you decide what goes on your bar, and as the community grows, there will be plenty of user-addons to download as well. The application is skinnable and a large number of skins have already come out. You can check out the Skinning Forum to see people's creations. The app is catching on pretty quick and the amount of participation and cool ideas that have appears on the Forums absolutely kicks ass. A 30 day trial is available for download. No spyware or adware of course.
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