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  1. koto

    Gem Collector

    Gem Collector is a puzzle/arcade game. Collect all gems spread around a level. Watch out for falling stones. Defeat enemies using power stone pushes or TNT. Use teleports to travel between level areas. Prove your creation skills using an intuitive Level Editor. Share your design with other players using one-click Level Publisher.
  2. Hello, I'm developing a roguelike game. Currently it's in a playable state and I think it's a high time to show it and hopefully get some feedback. The game has following features: - turn based - procedurally generated levels - tons of loot - spells system - trading system - some quests - some limited crafting - door/key/lever mechanics - quite a lot of different (look/behaviour) monsters Trailer: Demo: http://kotogames.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/OuaD_demo.zip Regards, Tom
  3. koto

    Gem Collector

    Album for Gem Collector
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