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    What do i do

    I have the Torque x engine(not source code) and i am thinking of buying the Torque game builder pack Do i need to have any thing else besides the free torque x download to work with the product(besides XNA and C#) and would this be a smart buy on my part and would it help speed up the game making process? Wildhare
  2. Wildhare

    More newbie questions

    I have 4 more questions Is there a way to make flash games for free? Is there a 2d game engine for C# besides Flatredball Is there any 2d game help with XNA outside the help files If the answer to number 1 is NO What free program could make a flash like game Thanks to who ever answer my questions
  3. Wildhare

    Creating Sound Effects

    Here is a site that has lots of cool sould effects and stuff http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/forum/index.php?sid=6362f902ce47a10800ee5714ec47fb68 hope it helps
  4. New here I have 4 questions 1. Can you make a isometric game using the language C#? and if so can i do it with Flatredball(by isometric I mean an Final fantasy tactics type game) 2. If I am not going to create my own game engine do i need directx SDK? 3.If i cant make an isometric game in C# How can i make one? 4.If i can make an isometric game in C# would it be hard? (I have some exp with C#) Thanks to who ever answers my question
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