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  1. Yes, but accessing them is not straightforward right now. Easiest way is to go to your profile (Profile menu in top right -> Profile), select the Albums tab, and you should see all of your Albums. To help with this I'll add a "My Albums" link to the Profile menu soon.
  2. Snapdragon Profiler if you're optimizing for a device using the Snapdragon SoC (most likely).
  3. We have our Discord, so I don't know that we need another server, but if there was enough interest we could create another channel for challenges. Right now the challenges are posted to #lounge when they come out. Very cool replication of Missile Command, btw!
  4. Understood. I'm not opposed to making that change and see the value in making the awards always available.
  5. Correct. Could change in the future (especially when we get a better submission process), but right now they are intended to be awarded during the allotted time.
  6. I think the key is to keep the spirit of the original gameplay, but that doesn't mean you can't add a new design twist or new gameplay elements - as long as it's designed in the spirit of "Missile Command". The ultimate goal with these is to learn, challenge yourself, and have fun, so if you want to experiment around the Missile Command game design then go for it!
  7. Yes, absolutely modify or improve it. I'll update the challenge.
  8. Missile Command Challenge To celebrate the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 we are making this a 2-month challenge. We also hope this gives late entrants enough time to submit entries. Your challenge is to create a single player Missile Command clone. Create an exact replica or add your own modifications and improvements! From Wikipedia: Play the original Missile Command on IGN at Game Requirements The game must have: Start screen Key to return to the start screen Score system Graphics representative and capturing the spirit of a Missile Command clone Sound effects While single player is the goal, a multiplayer mode is also acceptable Gameplay mechanics in the spirit of Missile Command - the game does not need to be an exact clone, but it does need to have Missile Command gameplay Art Requirements The game may be in 2D or 3D Duration December 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018 Submission Post your entries on this thread: Link to the executable (specify the platform) Screenshots: Create a Gallery Album for your Project and upload your screenshots there! Post the link in the thread and your screenshots will be automatically linked and embedded into the post. Same with YouTube or Vimeo trailers. A small post-mortem in a Blog, with a link posted in this thread, is encouraged, where you can share what went right, what went wrong, or just share a nifty trick Source-code link is encouraged for educational purposes Award Developers who complete the challenge in the specified time frame will receive the 2018 New Year Challenge: Missile Command medal, which will be visible in their profiles. We are working on a new system on where you can submit your entries. It will be made public before this Challenge is complete. Details on how to submit them will be posted here when it is available.
  9. Would cryptocurrency work for GDN?

    Had this exact idea about a year ago for GDNet, but didn't dive into it too much for various reasons. Open to hearing opinions though.
  10. Not necessarily expected, but it's not an area of concern. I believe that area of the software is effectively the same as the previous system. If it seems slower it could be slow query performance when generating the report, network latency, or just bad timing with the random traffic spikes we have been getting from the script kids running their latest hax0r tools.
  11. gdnet chat

    Seems to be working okay here. Anyone else having problems?
  12. View counts off

    Interesting idea.. working on some unrelated but similar things.
  13. IMGA Global Open for Entries

    The 14th IMGA Global is open for entries until 31 December 2017. Mobile and VR game developers, studios and publishers are invited to submit their games for free in a few clicks. Enter your game now!
  14. IMGA Global Open for Entries

    The 14th IMGA Global is open for entries until 31 December 2017. Mobile and VR game developers, studios and publishers are invited to submit their games for free in a few clicks. Enter your game now! View full story
  15. These two settings under your Profile menu -> Account Settings -> Notification Settings should do the trick. Scroll down to see individual controls for notifications and emails.