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  1. Ravuya

    So who is still around these days?

    I'm happy to see all the old people in this thread. It's been so long!
  2. He just stands there and stares. He stares and he knows.
  3. Should be glad someone else got here first, I would have locked for piracy.
  4. Ravuya

    Post your website, get candy

    Hey, I used your stuff to make comedy flowcharts. I didn't know it was a GDNetter's.
  5. I know of some developers who have written their own virtual machines for ease of porting, but as far as I know they didn't get a lot of use out of the engineering investment - one or two games tops before the abstraction and tool debt became too significant. Having to dual-boot into a special OS in order to play a game would be a dealbreaker for most. I don't even want to fire up Parallels half the time.
  6. Ravuya

    The GDNet Birthday thread

    Ravuya, I gotta ask... Did you really invent Canada?! D: [/quote]I sort of drew some broad strokes. I was actually trying to train a small dog to play fetch at the time. It's complicated.
  7. Ravuya

    The GDNet Birthday thread

    If anyone makes floorcaek I swear I am not cleaning it up this time.
  8. Ravuya

    A decade of GDNet

    Oddly enough, [i]today[/i] is the anniversary of my journal. How strange that I got my mod position (and thus GDNet+) a week after my account anniversary.
  9. It's been just about ten years since I created the Ravuya account on GDNet. There's been so many things that have happened since then, and so many friends I've made that it's actually kind of hard to sum it all up in one journal post. I'll keep it brief, but I wanted just to say thank you to everyone, past and present, for making this site great. Also, I'd like to invite people to come and reminisce in the comments about the old Lounge and, of course, the Bus and Trash Monster.
  10. Ravuya

    Half baked game ideas

    I use the dichotomy all the time to look up how to spell words.
  11. I'm testing out the new journal software by doing a small update: I've implemented the NPC editor in the Afterglow editor, so you can now place enemies on the map and have them get angry and try to murder you. It's shaping up into a real game. I'll be doing more work later, but in the meantime you may be interested in checking out this incredible (and probably not that safe for work) Photoshop rap.
  12. Ravuya

    Colorado Blues...

    STALKER is one of those games (and they're almost exclusively Russian) where there are tons of really great ideas but they're not polished up, so you have to kind of go digging for them. That's most of the appeal for me, at least, finding out the full degree of what the game is capable of. As an advocate of underground secret lab zombie-shooting games, I approve.
  13. I wanted to hypocritically point people at this excellent Derek Yu article, complete with adorable cartoons.
  14. Ravuya

    Cut that out

    I bought my Nexus One just before Google announced they were discontinuing sales. Thanks for the tip on droid-wrapper, I like it already. I like the N1, it's probably the nicest reference device I've ever used. It's definitely a step up from some of the cheaper Huawei, etc Android phones that are starting to come on the market. The lack of real multitouch is really the biggest downer; it makes it hard to play some games. The level editor is built into the game (same with original Glow, actually!) but it's a little rough. Levels are bog-standard XML. Textures are just in the data/textures directory free to edit or reference from your map.
  15. I'll just leave this here. I'm trying to end a lot of my inactivity by taking Afterglow improvements a little at a time. Last night, I improved the game by changing how it draws levels to try and make it look like levels are "cut out" of a solid block (I will be adding some textures or something later to improve this look) and make the walls not look cheap and paperlike like in this old screenshot: I'm looking forward to making some improvements on the editor so it's fun to make levels in it. I'm also trying to figure out how to make the game prettier since it looks, uh, a little dated. Having textures that are similar colours might also help. I also got a Nexus One. I like writing code for Android but I really hate working in Java, especially since my day job is primarily C#. I'll get over it, probably just in time to do a port to iOS.
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