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  1. JohnnyCode

    DX11 Memory leak in my DX11 program

    The leaks occur when you perform unauthorized access to a memory, not during allocating it. If the issue does not occur with WARP, you have quite well narrowed down the source code where you might perform the leak, that is DWM usage (or how it's called).
  2. JohnnyCode

    OpenGL Minimum of 66 verts?

    Maybe you are having a memory leak that manifests on drawelements call, post entire code of your test application.
  3. JohnnyCode

    OpenGL Minimum of 66 verts?

    Maybe you are just tired and made incorrect assumption. Back to what I've said. Most GPU's are designed for 32byte, newer for 64byte, vertex element size. You should always use that size for a single vertex unless you want to be subjected to serious performance hit, or, hidden vertex alignment padding by driver. Generaly, drivers tend to be tested on standard routines, what yours definitely is not- that is streaming each attribute to it's own buffer.
  4. I would advice some scripting in 3ds max, this will reveal the underlying data and system design they have. The documentation is good.
  5. JohnnyCode

    OpenGL Minimum of 66 verts?

    Do you forget to bind them up sometime? Having attributes in sepparate buffers is a no go, keep in mind you do not have even POV4 aligned verticies sizes as for elements in buffers. That is a serious issue.
  6. JohnnyCode

    OpenGL Minimum of 66 verts?

    I cannot see stride definition in, do you have positions packed in a sepparate gl buffer? glVertexAttribPointer(positionLocation, 3, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, NULL);
  7. He took the world normal and turned it to a color vector information straight ahead I suppose, combining it with the world position he did the same thing with as well. If you want a specific color per triangle, it is more difficult, since this color attribute would belong to a vertex, and face is composed of 3 verticies, shared or not. It'd have to be the same color for all three verticies so that it does not interpolate to different color.
  8. So I take it that you have fixed neighbourhood information in the texture resource itself. This design allows you to pool your whatever quad textures together neighbouring in a one large POT atlas texture, allowing you to have mip-maps for LOD?
  9. What are the filterings you use on those textures if any? If those textures will be subjected to minification you will have a serious performance hit without mipmaps + artefacts, but I gues they'll be not?
  10. I explained OP Newton mechanics, if he wishes not to update his trajectories based upon that, good for him. That means make black hole massive and photon light- as much as numbers allow. Leaning towards 1/r^2 bahavioral
  11. Newtons formula defines gravitational force between two positions of bodies based on distance and mass, from there on, you can compute new acceleration for your beam (and the blackohole) and thus compute new position ahead for it. Force=newton law of atrraction accelaration= Force/mass of beam particle speedupdate=acceleration*timeupdate position=position+speedupdate
  12. First thing would be to have a brief look at the System.IO and System.Net.Sockets documentation on msdn. From there on, find some demos there and read more carefuly the documentation of the used logic- with details. I myself do not use asynchronous communcation with distant ends as for server.
  13. I stabilized my NET client/server by client thread ever not blocking and just peeking for available data, if there is no data, after short processing, it peeks again If there is data, the client "swallow" thread reads it and unblock-sends it through local station socket to processing thread. The "swallow" thread utilizes single core fully, while the processing thread just blocks on a local read socket- if it has yet not complete data, it blocks to continue the data . The processing thread can buffer up high if it has a lot to proccess, but it allowed me to see how well actual NET protocols perform on me. From my experience, the bigger the write to distant net end, the bigger chance of data being lost and subjected to re-send.
  14. Post your orthographic projection matrix construction code.
  15. JohnnyCode

    I once motivated myself but only once

    Motivation is only needed for things you do not like to be doing, that means you pretty much dislike everything. Your only solution is to discover the actual joy in it, for example exercising- do not count, do not force, just enjoy, and then feel some better, this will put on better physical feeling and muse and motivation to then clean up stuff for example. I think you get my point, you need to be a better discoverer. And in the end a little legal advise if you live in the US, if you are facing some repetitive boring task but finaly dangerous to be left for latter, get stoned
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