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  1. Francois DIY 2017

    This is the game maker that I created which is currently fully functional. Over the past few years I have attempted to make this thing but failed. I got really far in development around 2015 but never finished the game engine because of lack of understanding of collision detection. In 2016 I discovered by accident how to do 2D platform collision detection properly and actually created a working product with scriptable sprites in JavaScript. In 2017 I rewrote the code base and created a language called C-Lesh to script the sprites. Now towards the end of 2017 the product is fully functional with some test level and ready for game creation! So excitied! Stay tuned for new album with images from new games!
  2. November 2017 GameDev Challenge: Pong!

    Can I use my game editor to create it?
  3. November 2017 GameDev Challenge: Pong!

    Can I use my game editor to create it?
  4. Reinventing the wheel

    Rent sucks, wasting time is what life is about! My employer can suck eggs for all I care!
  5. I've been working on creating my own version of Mario Maker or Lunar Magic with the exception that you can create your own graphics and program your own characters from scratch to create any kind of 2D game that one can think of... at least in my opinion! I created the project because I wanted to see if I could do it but, more importantly, to be able to create my own games if I happened to see a games did was not out on the market or simply to recreate a game that already exists and add my own twist to it. Francois DIY is a collection of editors and an engine for playing, creating maps, creating graphics, and programming sprites. The award-winning sprite inspector is personally my favorite. "award-winning" is a pun for "I think it is cool". Games can interface with a real gamepad but are meant for the PC. The experience has you both creating and playing your own games. You create to play and play to hack! Link to demo: Francois DIY Demo Fixed the link. The HTML document was not uploaded. Also on another note the game plays better with a gamepad than the keyboard which seems to be buggy.
  6. Reinventing the wheel

    I've reinvented the wheel many times - like finding out how to do 2D collision detection by accident. I have to say it's fun and you now really understand the concept. Who cares it's a "waste of time". There is even a renowned game developer on Twitch, the guy who developed N+ and N++, who said he rewrote the C/C++ STL libraries.
  7. What are you working on?

    Currently building a new game system!!! I was working on a game development system but then decided to retire it because it was written mostly in JavaScript and didn't perform well on the Raspberry PI. Now I'm creating a new game system in C++ and writing out the code carefully. The system will be a recreation of the Francois DIY console.
  8. Welcome to the GameDev Challenges Forum

    I have one. This might sound like another "make a clone" challenge but isn't. For this challenge make a game with a bird but he cannot run or jump, just fly. And second, the game must be fun and challenging. Sound's easy, not really. Mario games are easy to make in terms of design but this bird must be able to dive, take off from standing, and the level must be areal with some obstacles. Since you can't fall off of a ledge you must be creative in how the physics of a bird can be used to make a challenging game.
  9. What are you working on?

    Currently working on making my own game console with a Raspberry PI board. I took a game maker project that I built last year in JavaScript and am converting it to C++. The maker has 4 programs in it - a pixel editor, a map editor, a code editor with sprite inspector, and, finally, a game engine. The whole reason for the conversion to C++ was that JavaScript simply doesn't cut it in terms of speed on small devices such as the PI. So now, I'm realizing that two languages can produce machine code but one can produce more efficient machine code than the other and the difference is not visible on the PC. You see the real efficiency of unmanaged code on small devices. The whole project is to build a game development studio to create games from scratch which would allow me to quickly implement a game that I think should exist without waiting for a developer like Nintendo to maybe come up with the idea. There are quite a few concepts that I want to see in platform games and get a chance to play, so rather than waiting I make them myself and learn a bit about game physics!
  10. Your first project

    That's a good philosophy. Yeah, don't take crap.
  11. Play Testing Games from Site

    I actually created a game development studio that runs on the browser. It work pretty well but is hidden behind my website. It even support the gamepad.
  12. Your first project

    You can make a game based on that picture. I've never seen anything like that!
  13. Why does everything have to be free? We live in a free country and we can sell software if we want.
  14. Metroid-vania style level design

    I couldn't run Hexoshi. Can you create a windows package?