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    Week of awesome V contest! administration thread:
  2. The Week of Awesome V The fifth annual week of awesome is here folks! With this year i've built a website that will be used both for judging and submissions. This website is not 100% complete as we're waiting on the site upgrade to occur later this month to integrate it into's domain. Overall I'm currently pleased with the design of the site, but once it's live i'm open to hearing feedback on changes. You can find last years competition here: You can find the third years competition here: You can find the second years competition here: You can find the first years competition here: Have questions, you can also find most and contestants at the gamedev discord chat: Dates: Where: Rules: Supported Platforms: Judging Criteria: Prizes and sponsors: Judges: Participating Teams: People looking for teammates This thread is both here for asking questions, and telling us you will be competing, as we like to get an idea of how many people to expect. so please post a team name for your team, as well as your members(and be sure to drop an update to us if the team members change) please try to follow the following format for declaring your team: Team: Members: , , , Website/Blog/Twitter handle: try to be creative folks with your name!(please remember the sites rules still apply here!)