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  1. Really micromanaged audio programming (C++)

    For xaudio2, it only rely's on xaudio2.lib as far as i'm aware.
  2. October 2017 GameDev Challenge: Arcade Battle Arena!

    Here's a fixed link:
  3. October 2017 GameDev Challenge: Arcade Battle Arena!

    Ok, i've deceided i've met my 48 hour deadline(+/- a bit, as i wasn't keeping exact track, but several hours were lost to playing games with friends, so i think it evens out). I'm happy with my progress, it's not quite as much as i wanted, but it both meets the requirements of this challenge, and mechanically the idea's i wanted to play out. overall i find it decently fun, I think if i dedicated more time to ai variety and wave tuning it could be more fun. Ultimately i'm happy with what i was able to do in my self imposed limits. Thank you @ferreiradaselva for creating the challenge, and I hope my work can be a learning experiance for others some day. Link to github codebase: This is a video of gameplay: That's an interesting approach to data packaging, personally i'm not a fan of embedding content into the binarys when possible as it means a generally longer pipeline if some of your assets are in heavy modification. The way i handle it is through bitmap fonts. basically you load a texture with all the characters you need, and a supplimentary file which tells you where in the texture each glyph is, and supplimentary information. then for dynamic text strings, each frame you reconstruct a mesh buffer of the glyphs for your text, and upload them for drawing. for static text, you can use framebuffers or manually building of a texture that encompases the static text you want on screen, this is ideally more performant, but honestly all my text rendering is done as i described above, and i've yet to find a modern platform where their was any noticable performance impact due to it.
  4. October 2017 GameDev Challenge: Arcade Battle Arena!

    Like i said, this is another good opportunity to see how versatile it is for what my original goals were, what's the point of writing such things if you never make use of them? As for today i got most of the main components done ( and am now working on the gameplay, I still have my color switching element to work in mechanically, then i'll expand the enemys, toss in some sounds and try to prettify the background a bit. at that point i'll decide if i want to try implementing mp or not at that stage. Creating my own art, and adhering to a 16 color pallete has been a bit challenging though, at the moment the game is basically a 1/2 player asteroid clone, tomorrow i hope to get some interesting enemy and mechanics in place :). a quick video of gameplay:
  5. October 2017 GameDev Challenge: Arcade Battle Arena!

    You should include sdl.h in the headers that need to see those functions. One reason you might only include a header in a source file is to trigger rebuilding the source file only when that header is changed, but something like sdl your almost certainly not fiddling around with it's internal works, so there isn't much need to remove it from your headers. I'm going to participate in this challenge as well, It's a good opportunity to flex the strengths of my framework and see how it holds up when assigned a random task. thus far you can find my development progress here: I well be using a framework/engine i've built over the last couple years called Lightwave: The goal is to support 1/2 player modes(possible over internet play well be included), i have an idea for 2 player mode of seperating keyboard/mouse controls to allow for local play. I'm hoping to be mostly done within the next 48-72 hours, so let's see what happens. I well likely try to push an update each night, and will include binarys after today's work as there should be something substancial to play by then.
  6. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Thank you everyone, This has been another great year for the WoA. I'm quite happy to see how well it's turned out for the past several years, and I think we've made some great strides in improving it over the years. The amount of work you all do is tremendous, and seeing your ideas and games come together throughout the week is very cool to see. This year however is going to be the last year that I take up the mantle for organizing and running it. I'm hopeful someone will be up to taking up the mantle for next year, @khawk Has plans to bring the contest and gamejam parts of online later this year, so ideally it should make future contests a bit easier to run . I thank you all for helping make the week into what it is, And i wish good luck to whomever wishes to continue the week of awesome.
  7. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    I am sorry about the delay, I was hoping to have our 4th judge's results as well, but I haven't heard anything since sunday night, so I'm officially calling the contest at this point. Congutulations to all teams, we saw a great number of games this year. Dmatter took the crown of first place however with his game, taking his 2nd first place finish! The results as of this posting(scores may change on site if our 4th judge does add their scores) listed by team names: 1: dmatter - 95.33 2: Running Man - 87 3: Scrambled Eggs - 86.67 4: Racsoth - 85.67 5: PizzaFest - 84 6: ryan20fun - 83.67 7: Newtopia - 79 8: DogAndRocket - 76.33 9: cowsarenotevil - 76.33 10: New New Things - 74.67 11: kseh - 74.33 12: Mission Imperative! - 68.33 13: Strange Lights - 65.5 14: sjs-studio: 63 15: Avalander - 60 16: mousetail - 50.5 17: Spectre - 44.33 18: Ludologists - 43.5 19: TheNoNameTeam - 36.50 20: ScoutingNinja - 33 Good work everyone! I will be contacting the top 5 teams shortly for claiming there prizes. No problem, I think i covered most of the possible suggestions in the review. The biggest issue being the mouse controls and axis aligning.
  8. Finding 3D position between two 3D nodes

    n3 = n1+(n2-n1)*m; (where m is between 0-1) alternativly if you have a set distance that isn't in 0-1 range. dis = n2-n1; alpha = dis/m; n3 = n1+dis*alpha;
  9. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    I have a screenshot of it: I renamed _DO_DEBUG.txt to DO_DEBUG.txt, but get no output in the GLDebug.txt file. I've also made a change to the way overall scores are calculated, and now no longer round, but output the decimal results. @IYP pointed out that rounding caused issues where total scores would end up higher or lower than individual judge scores. So this will provide an accurate average of the scores now.
  10. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    unfortunately no :(. They would have to reappend whatever is missing. I should have done some more checks initially to detect if your review would get truncated, but after seeing that happen i also realized that my character limit was exceedingly low for reviews, so i upped it substancially, and added a message to tell you if your review would get truncated so it can be adjusted. I'm hopeful they can remember what they wrote and fill in the blanks.
  11. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    The best place for that would be to edit the description of your game to point to the updated version. at the moment i can't change entry's without affecting the judging. but maybe in a few weeks i'd be open to allowing submission changes with updated and bug fixed versions. On the site i've done a couple reviews already, planning to do a few more tonight. I've also fixed the formatting issue with new lines to insert <br/>'s, and i've fixed a bug with some mobile browers which called resize's and might have made scrolling a pita.
  12. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Alright I've fixed the 0 issue. it was a stupid oversight once again. I've also added support for providing no-review feedbacks, just click clearscores if you've already set a score, and submit with the blank scores. It should also ideally load your review back into the review table if you've already made one. there was a bug with how IE/Edge were treeated that i've taken care of for that problem. If you don't see your review get loaded back in please message me your browser and version your running so i can try to replicate it on my end.
  13. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    On my way home from work. almost certain i probably did a >0 instead of >=. i'll also attempt to add supporting reviews without scores being required.
  14. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    ok, thanks for that. that actually helped pretty immensely. I think i solved a number of issues with that now.
  15. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    ok, first up i've finally got the entire bundle uploaded: this is all of this years games! It looks like some of what you wrote got cut off when inserted into the database as it was longer than that entry which caused it to be malformed when calling a decodeURIComponent on it. i've upped the review lengths allowed by 8x and i'll add a guard into the script to prevent this from happening in the future. I've recovered what i could, but it is trimmed a bit, so you'll have to resubmit whatever else was written. Are you not seeing that in the existing tooltip? or are you not seeing a tooltip at all on hover over. it should look like this: Yes this was a bit of an oversight on my part, i forgot to add checks that the thoughts didn't overrun the length of the database, as it has to include escaping them so that they can't be used for a mysql injection. I've also upped the length of what you can write from 1024 characters to 8096. as for the 2nd problem i'm currently attempting to track down what's causing the issue. I added some more safeguards to the server to prevent all null review submissions from being allowed to pass into the server, but i'm not sure how it's getting that far as their are local side checks as well that shoudn't allow a submission to be made if your missing an input. edit: upon further inspection i think i know what is occurring, right now if you see "Error: [Gameplay|Graphics|Audio|etc] has an invalid input". open your developer console and please report what the console is saying to me. Thanks i added both in.