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  1. Rip internet 2017-12-14

    Well, it's official. Net neutrality rules have been repealed. Now we see what happens. There are people who are right now suing the FCC. So it begins.
  2. Rip internet 2017-12-14

    I agree with you but once a investor sees that there is a huge customer base upset with how things work, they will feel it's safe to move in. Yes, precisely. They do have competitors who just couldn't get a hold in that territory, if they throttle there networks and there competitors don't it could be the deciding factor. People like water and electricity always take the path of least resistance, after all this is why game theory even exists. Throttling is a double edged sword, it will provide the companies with means to make more money at the cost of customer satisfaction. I don't entirely disagree, I just believe that while it's possible, it's just not likely that competition will arise in the face of throttling etc. The ISP business simply requires too much upfront capital, something that most businesses and most investors wouldn't be willing to put money into too easily unless they could see a good RoI. Plus there's just the fact that it takes years to build out networks. That's before we even get into the notion of peering with other ISPs, BGP, etc. In short, it's not as simple as that really. There is a reason why similar services, like telephones etc. are regulated as utilities and it's primarily because they do behave as utilities do.
  3. Rip internet 2017-12-14

    Absolutely. I don't disagree with the basics of this. That said, there are some caveats. I'm assuming you're American, based on this and previous threads. What part of America do you live in? I'm not sure if you knew this, but some parts of the US only have one ISP. And they have very different treatment from places where there is competition. There are data caps in those plans for those areas, and the customers are charged for any usage above those data caps. The only reason ISPs do this is because they know that the customers have no choice but to buy Internet from them in those areas. Typically, yes, stupid things like throttling, etc. would easily cause competition to come in and blow the market ruler away. But there are cases where a thing known as a natural monopoly can exist. It's pretty much what it sounds like: the service/product in question is such that it favors only one or two companies/organizations providing it.This is typically due to high fixed costs, high barrier to entry, high initial investment, etc. The biggest example given of a natural monopoly is usually that of utilities. Water and electricity, for example. You can't have multiple electricity companies compete in one market for a particular area because of how impossible that sounds to implement in practice. Imagine having tons of electrical lines running around. The major reason is typically because of the high barrier to entry. Setting up an electrical grid is expensive. Once it's already set up, adding more customers is easy. It lends itself to being a natural monopoly. ISPs are very very similar and can/should be considered natural monopolies. There's a pretty high barrier to entry for becoming an ISP, since one needs to set up the internet infrastructure to service people. It's pretty easy for bigger companies to basically maintain market control in most regions. It's not that innovation is impossible, it's just tough and unlikely in this scenario. It certainly can happen, especially if someone comes up with an entirely new and novel way of reaching customers. The scenarios are much more limited in this case, however. ISPs are very similar to utilities and should be regulated as such. This isn't to say that ISPs will suddenly go nuts once net neutrality is repealed. However, the incentives come into place for small incremental changes over time that nobody will notice. Or even bigger changes in certain areas. That's my major concern with the repeal of net neutrality. Again, let's see what happens. This doesn't necessarily need to all happen.
  4. Rip internet 2017-12-14

    There's a good chance that net neutrality will be repealed. BUT, to be fair, I thought the same about Obamacare, and that Roy Moore would win as well. Neither of those happened, as you can see. So it's entirely possible net neutrality might not be repealed. I'm not that optimistic on net neutrality not being repealed, but let's see what happens.In any case, there are means of challenging it. The courts are one likely venue. And as @iedoc mentioned, this probably won't be a permanent thing if it passes. Even if enough Republicans are behind it, there's a pretty good chance they won't control Congress in 2018. As it stands, they are already in a very tenuous position. Congress can easily make changes in this regard if the FCC won't. It's not so much that Internet didn't exist before Net Neutrality, but rather that major ISPs that have a near monopoly on the business in some areas, can and will try to exploit this. How far it'll go, no one knows. The fact is that there will be a major backlash if ISPs try anything too stupid, but it can get pretty bad if we aren't careful. IMO it's the same as massive deregulation of banking: it's a bad idea and will cause problems since we trust certain people to be 'responsible' In short, let's see what happens. My guess is it'll be temporary if repealed.
  5. Unity or Unreal engine

    Both engines are great engines. It really boils down to if you prefer the IDE and scripting languages of Unity or Unreal. Everyone here has a preference for one or the other, but you can't really go wrong with either for most game projects. What experience do you have with programming? What experience do you have in general with regards to game dev? What are you trying to build? Can you please give us more details so that we can provide some more specific advice. I'd also recommend reading the FAQs here if you haven't already as they can probably also point you in the right direction.
  6. What is your Game of the Year for 2017 and why?

    I'm gonna put my vote behind Horizon: Zero Dawn as well. I haven't finished it yet, but it's been a ton of fun so far, with an epic story and well crafted open world. The other thing I like about it is that it's a new IP. Zelda is most likely going to win GOTY in many places though. I've heard it's a mind-blowing game, I just don't own a Switch yet, so can't play it haha. Sigh, time to find a friend from somewhere...
  7. I'm Very Confused About Career Directions...

    I've ordered the book, I was just specifically responding to zizulot. I guess I don't really need to pick a direction at the least. I'd just at least like to know what to focus more on in my spare time (i.e. if it's learning graphics or writing, etc.). I guess that's the direction I'm facing in right now is just do a bunch of random stuff until something sticks haha.
  8. I'm Very Confused About Career Directions...

    Well that's the thing, I don't really know what my heart's in really. That's what makes this all so difficult.
  9. I'm Very Confused About Career Directions...

    Thanks for your responses everyone. o let me respond to each piece separately. I'll definitely get a copy of that book and also definitely start with the flower diagram as well. This sounds like solid advice, so thanks for that! Yea, my parents are super keen on masters degrees, since they're both professors. I've never been as sure myself, haha. I have seen it before, some time ago, though I wasn't able to find it when I last looked, unfortunately. So here's the real thing: I'm not actually as interested necessarily in game development itself (which was actually why I wasn't sure if I should post in this particular forum). I'm not averse to it either, if it turns out that that's the best direction for me to take. By and large, I have no real idea which career direction I wish to pursue in general. Like I said, to top it off, my current position doesn't involve too much work for the moment either, so it's a little slow in that sense. I've been thinking through different potential paths, but have been really confused unfortunately.
  10. Hey all, This isn't really a post that fits into any particular forum, so I'm posting it here, but feel free to move it mods, if you feel that it should move. I figured it isn't really specifically about game dev related careers. I'm a recent college grad, currently working as a software engineer as part of a rotational program, so I'll be spending some time in my current role then rotating to a new location and new software engineering related position. I did my undergrad in Computer Science, and while Computer Science had been my main career interest for quite some time before college, while working my way through college my main focus really was just to get done with the degree, get a job, and be done with the extreme stress/too much work during college. Now that I'm out, I'm not as sure about my career direction as I was before. While I do still do like Computer Science, software engineering, etc., my current position, although well paying, doesn't really involve me doing much on a day to day basis (for now at least though that's subject to change). The good news is that I've got a lot of control over where I rotate to next. Interestingly enough, initially I got interested in Computer Science because of game dev (as a teenager at least). Then that morphed into AI and machine learning. Now it's....unknown really. Now the thing is I've kind of been bouncing around in all sorts of directions. I absolutely love 3d art and have been actively trying to get better at it. I've also taken up writing and considered trying to write a novel in my spare time. Then I'm finding graphics programming very interesting as well (although that's not what my day job is), and I still have quite an interest in machine learning, data science, text mining, etc. In short, I have absolutely no clue which direction to move towards. My parents believe I need to get a graduate degree, either an MBA or an MS in Computer Science. I, honestly, have no clue. And so I'm here, wondering what I should do with very little actual idea of what I should do. So I'd like to here your thoughts, fellow people of this particular section of the Internet. Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm looking to start out, so something more generic for the moment. My knowledge of graphics is really minimal, so before I choose a specific API, I probably want to start with basics and what not, haha.
  12. Hey all, As some of you may know, I do have a Computer Science background, but either by chance/design/fate/insert stupid excuse here, I didn't take any graphics courses in my undergraduate degree, but now I'd be very interested in at least learning the basics of graphics and potentially pursuing more in graphics. I'm interested in all sorts of graphics in general, so everything from real-time engines to rendering engines like Arnold, Octane, etc. Can anyone point me in the right directions for books/tutorials? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Apologies in advance if I missed the proper channels for this as well
  13. Does violence stem from video games

    Actually a good friend of mine in high school basically swapped out his life for books. He always had his head in a book and his grades suffered badly because of it. He was very literally addicted to books. It's rare to encounter, because said people are not generally very social, but let me say that it does indeed exist in real life. This pretty much sums up my feelings, though I will add that entertainment can try to incite violence (e.g. propaganda), although we can argue if it's really entertainment at that point. Typically though, research hasn't found any correlation between violence and gaming, nor any other medium of entertainment for that matter. Can playing tons of games be bad for you? Sure, but so can doing tons of "x" be bad for you. Yes people can get addicted to gaming, but gaming generally gets its bad rep because of how new it is. Comics in the US were also equally criticized, so much so that the US emplaced pretty stringent standards which only recently relaxed.
  14. Geometry vs Texturing in Game Art

    I'm not a game artist by any means, I was just genuinely curious about the differences. It's interesting that both textures and geometry have limitations for game art. I knew about LOD tricks of course, since I've done some hobbyist game dev myself. I'd imagine that things like light fog, distance fog, camera angle, etc. can do a lot to change the visuals, potentially even hide some things?
  15. Geometry vs Texturing in Game Art

    Hey all, So although I've posted some stuff here for critique, by and large, I'm not really a CG artist who does stuff for games. To be fair, even CG art is primarily a side hobby for me. But anyhow, back on topic. One of the things I've noticed is that for general CG art, we generally prefer to use as much geometry as possible for building a scene, since we don't really care much about render time. For example, sometimes bricks will be modeled in to fully utilize the lighting calculations and what not. Now obviously, with game dev, that just isn't true, and I do have experience with this. What I've noticed, however, is that game art in many games (Dark Souls, etc.) really does seem to look like it's using a ton of geometry, especially with architecture. Now I can tell where textures are used, but I'm curious, what's the balance for geometry vs texture? When is a texture preferred to modeling geometry? I thought this would be interesting discussion.