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  1. deltaKshatriya

    Help me choose an engine

    Really depends on what you're comfortable with. Without writing any code, I think this game could be a bit difficult to do, depending on what you're aiming for. Do you have programming experience? If so, what languages? If you don't have any programming experience at all, I would recommend to learn the basics at least, before diving into any project. While it is technically possible to make a game without writing code, it does at times limit you and at times, may even be more challenging to accomplish than the coding itself (provided you know how to code). Popular engines these days though for many are Unity, GameMaker, and Unreal. Again, just pick something you're comfortable with using. There isn't a strictly right or wrong answer, just benefits and drawbacks between engines, and many engines, you'll find, are roughly similar for most projects.
  2. deltaKshatriya

    What are you working on?

    You mean for my comic, Ghosts '58? That's an awfully large amount of laughing for someone taking notes....but ok. The comic is actually in the same universe a novel I'm writing is set in. It's a fictional world, where about half of the world is shrouded in a barrier, separating the area designated by the Gods as Narkha (Hell), but the civilization has largely forgotten if the Gods themselves were real or not, and only really has religious beliefs. I don't want to write the whole plot here of course, wouldn't be any fun if I did, now would it . The comic itself is set in a World War 1/2-esque conflict and follows a fighter squadron known as the Ghosts. It's like Inglorious Basterds meets Band of Brothers, so the concept of Inglorious Basterds with the tone of Band of Brothers. The novel dives far more into the world building itself.
  3. deltaKshatriya

    Free Images?

    What about Wikimedia commons? Those have pretty broad licenses as I recall.
  4. deltaKshatriya

    What are you working on?

    Here's a teaser of my comic btw:
  5. deltaKshatriya

    Which artstyle works best? (3 versions of world-map)

    Well, do you want to go with the feel of using one of those old computers with the vector graphics on it? It could work, but you'd have to fully embrace that feeling. So everything would have to have an old school vibe in the interface. I'd refer to DEFCON if that's the case. Otherwise, I think that the more traditional option would be the third one.
  6. deltaKshatriya

    Which artstyle works best? (3 versions of world-map)

    Depends: are you going for a more vector graphic type interface, like DEFCON? Then the first two are pretty good. If you're building something like Civs, then the last one is definitely better. Based on the info you posted though, I would think the 3rd works better, since the first two really give me a DEFCON style vector graphics vibe. It doesn't feel like "empire builder" to me. I'd like to hear more about the game itself though.
  7. deltaKshatriya

    What are you working on?

    Well then. If I rule the world, then I'll make sure you get a larger dog basket bed with your name on it, since I'm going to be 2% more generous as a world ruler! We really do have similar aims....this is eerie. Though to be fair, my web comic isn't super hero and it's mostly CG
  8. deltaKshatriya

    What are you working on?

    Just that promo pic Hopefully soon I'll have the last of my assets ready for at least an opening sequence. I'm focusing mostly on the art and really taking my time on it, so it's been taking more time than expected. Many have already seen my posts for critique which have some of the assets I'm using. Ugh, too many of us are competing for world domination on GDNet, this is complicating my own plans...
  9. deltaKshatriya

    What are you working on?

    You too....damn, this complicates things... I'm mainly working on this these days: This is a webcomic that will hopefully someday become a game, but right now, I'm mostly focusing on the art side of things. Note to beginners: the above was not rendered in a game (real time) engine. This was rendered in Arnold.
  10. I didn't know that...for some reason I thought it was a fighter. Hmm, I guess there are some things I should look into then. I should post some underside renders as well, since the underside of the model actually has some weapons bays. Well, I will definitely put a quick mock up of a smaller wingspan soon (once I get a chance)!
  11. A lot of this comes directly from me following the source of the Ho-229 a bit closely . Hmm, I will look into this as well. @1024 and @Prinz Eugn, I'm in two minds on the wings at the moment. While part of me thinks that I should try the wings as smaller/shorter, another part of me doesn't really want to change up the wings too much more. I'll post some quick tests with shorter wings here soon though and see what I think!
  12. I integrated some of @Prinz Eugn's changes. I haven't tried the dorsal spine, not sure if it'll work or not, but here's what I have right now:
  13. One thing I wanted to ask is if you think I should add any more details, or does the model look fine as is? I’m still very divided on this and unsure of what the best route would be.
  14. deltaKshatriya

    On Politics Threads and the GameDev.net Community

    I'd say this illustrates the biggest issue really with discussing Trump: we can't really seem to agree on the most basic things leading to toxicity. I didn't think I was being particularly negative about Trump in my post title: I simply asked how long can a President that has been riven in scandals last. But it seems to some that's an automatic indicator for *this will be terrible stuff about Trump inside*. I acknowledge that perspectives differ, and that this is very difficult to get past. Ok, granted, I'm not even remotely in favor of Trump, we all know that. But this highlights the difficulty of discussing Trump related topics. I think @Gnollrunner misunderstands non productive posting in an online discussion/bad faith posting/trolling. Look at the user in question's posts right now. How are they contributing to the discussion at hand? Namely, has this user contributed much about how politics should be discussed on GDNet? In regards to the last thread, the user in question pretty much admitted to posting to provoke negative reactions. That's the definition of trolling right there, no matter what point you are trying to make. And in this case, the user's only point was that the 'other side' is just angry. This isn't productive for the discussion in the thread. If we decide that it's arbitrary to decide what's trolling or not, most things are not going to be trolling. I'd say that example is a little extreme since it's pretty clear cut, but yea, it's tougher to find less clear cut examples in technical forums. Another example would be as follows: What's the better platform to dev for, Xbox One, or PS4? Person A: I think the PS4 is better because of x, y, z and q. The Xbox One is bad because of x, y and z. Person B: The Xbox One is amazing. Person A: Why do you think that? Person B: Lol your position is built on nonsense, I'm not gonna respond, I just want to make you angry to show that all people who think PS4 is better are just secretly angry inside. I know this example is a bit silly, but that is an example of pretty non productive behavior with regards to the topic and essentially what happened in the last thread. EDIT: For the record, I don't really care which route we take going forward, but if we do decide to ban politics, we should at least do so for the right reasons and not because we believe that the mods are arbitrarily deciding what's trolling and what isn't.
  15. Thanks for your helpful feedback in improving the model!
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