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  1. I didn't know that...for some reason I thought it was a fighter. Hmm, I guess there are some things I should look into then. I should post some underside renders as well, since the underside of the model actually has some weapons bays. Well, I will definitely put a quick mock up of a smaller wingspan soon (once I get a chance)!
  2. A lot of this comes directly from me following the source of the Ho-229 a bit closely . Hmm, I will look into this as well. @1024 and @Prinz Eugn, I'm in two minds on the wings at the moment. While part of me thinks that I should try the wings as smaller/shorter, another part of me doesn't really want to change up the wings too much more. I'll post some quick tests with shorter wings here soon though and see what I think!
  3. I integrated some of @Prinz Eugn's changes. I haven't tried the dorsal spine, not sure if it'll work or not, but here's what I have right now:
  4. One thing I wanted to ask is if you think I should add any more details, or does the model look fine as is? I’m still very divided on this and unsure of what the best route would be.
  5. deltaKshatriya

    On Politics Threads and the GameDev.net Community

    I'd say this illustrates the biggest issue really with discussing Trump: we can't really seem to agree on the most basic things leading to toxicity. I didn't think I was being particularly negative about Trump in my post title: I simply asked how long can a President that has been riven in scandals last. But it seems to some that's an automatic indicator for *this will be terrible stuff about Trump inside*. I acknowledge that perspectives differ, and that this is very difficult to get past. Ok, granted, I'm not even remotely in favor of Trump, we all know that. But this highlights the difficulty of discussing Trump related topics. I think @Gnollrunner misunderstands non productive posting in an online discussion/bad faith posting/trolling. Look at the user in question's posts right now. How are they contributing to the discussion at hand? Namely, has this user contributed much about how politics should be discussed on GDNet? In regards to the last thread, the user in question pretty much admitted to posting to provoke negative reactions. That's the definition of trolling right there, no matter what point you are trying to make. And in this case, the user's only point was that the 'other side' is just angry. This isn't productive for the discussion in the thread. If we decide that it's arbitrary to decide what's trolling or not, most things are not going to be trolling. I'd say that example is a little extreme since it's pretty clear cut, but yea, it's tougher to find less clear cut examples in technical forums. Another example would be as follows: What's the better platform to dev for, Xbox One, or PS4? Person A: I think the PS4 is better because of x, y, z and q. The Xbox One is bad because of x, y and z. Person B: The Xbox One is amazing. Person A: Why do you think that? Person B: Lol your position is built on nonsense, I'm not gonna respond, I just want to make you angry to show that all people who think PS4 is better are just secretly angry inside. I know this example is a bit silly, but that is an example of pretty non productive behavior with regards to the topic and essentially what happened in the last thread. EDIT: For the record, I don't really care which route we take going forward, but if we do decide to ban politics, we should at least do so for the right reasons and not because we believe that the mods are arbitrarily deciding what's trolling and what isn't.
  6. Thanks for your helpful feedback in improving the model!
  7. deltaKshatriya

    On Politics Threads and the GameDev.net Community

    Do mods want to chime in on why the thread was shut down so we can get some clarity? I was under the impression that my thread was shut down when some users started posted for the sake of being inflammatory and were not engaging in good-faith. This isn't the first time we've had a thread on politics, or even specifically on Trump. We've done these sorts of threads before in the past, and had a fairly even representation of viewpoints. Rarely have these threads been shut down. I do agree with you, however, that given the very nature of this topic, it's going to be very difficult for moderators to not be at least somewhat biased. This is true. There have been a fair number of politics threads and many of them were directly about Trump. Many of the members on this thread have participated in them before. However, I do feel that the situation is far more different this time. As both @0r0d and @krb have both pointed out, while politics can lead to good and interesting discussion, these days we are attracting bad faith posting amongst other things. @Promit suggested some heavy handed means of moderating political topics, and I'm somewhat inclined to agree that, though extreme, it might be the only way to moderate such threads. I know, I know, I started this last thread, and I post a fair bit about politics. I feel that starting the last one may have been a mistake in some ways. I realize that @jbadams does not want us to talk about politics themselves, but I think one thing worth considering is that with threads and politics about Trump, even the simplest things are difficult for people to agree on. Maybe the best thing to do is simply to ban all Trump related topics since those involved cannot agree even on the simpler points. As I understand it, all Gamergate topics were/are banned, no? I do agree that at the minimum, better filters would be very helpful. It would definitely mitigate some of the issues that political threads have. I think that one of the major differences is that in the past, none of the topics in the Lounge had such visibility on the front page of the site. We've had some fairly long political threads in the past that went on for pages on end, but they weren't displayed on the front page of the site. This is a fair point, that we don't really know what a good metric is for a topic that's too 'controversial'. Would a topic about representation in games be too controversial, for example? I will also say that I'm more than happy with no more political topics or with them being allowed. Whatever the community sees as best.
  8. Hmm yea, I'm not sure if I should shorten the wings or not. I'm in two minds on this, since on the one hand, the Ho-229, has a large wingspan, but on the other hand, fighters aren't really like that. Right so as per both @Glenos and your points, I've made those changes and were are the results:
  9. deltaKshatriya

    On Politics Threads and the GameDev.net Community

    I’d agree that getting rid of voting in the lounge makes the most sense, especially given that political discourse will be allowed.
  10. deltaKshatriya

    On Politics Threads and the GameDev.net Community

    Yea we got pretty heated in the end there. As someone who does discuss politics a lot (I've started a couple of threads on GDNet, including the latest, so clearly I discuss a ton), I'd say it's only getting tougher and tougher to not have these threads get very heated with just the way our current political climate is. Since y'all are opting not to ban them I can only say that most politics threads will require some pretty heavy handed moderation. I think most of us will agree that passions run pretty hot for anyone actively participating and contributing. What would you define as a "politics for the sake of politics" thread though? Is it easy to define this? I'd agree that any broad politics topic is pretty worthless, but where do you want to draw the line?
  11. deltaKshatriya

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Out of curiosity, what do you think he's *really* on about? He sounds like he's just here to troll/"stick it to the liberals" type of madness.
  12. I'm going for a fairly retro design in some ways. As others have mentioned, it's based heavily off of the Ho-229. But thanks for your feedback! I will certainly look into making changes!
  13. deltaKshatriya

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Steele? He's real and wrote the dossier. I'm not sure what the hell you are getting at. As for the tape, who knows. I wouldn't be surprised if its real. Maybe it isn't. Really though, that's still an ongoing investigation. Omorossa is his own damned staffer. I find it funny that you're presenting this as a claim for something that's false that those against Trump are throwing against him. Pretty pointless example of something that may or may not be true but more indicative of just how screwed up his administration is. Again, what are you talking about? Most of the investigations are still ongoing. It's still false to claim that the investigations have 'fallen apart' Nah you just conveniently forget and gloss over all sorts of stuff. Funny how you seem to make everything about Left vs Right, then claim to speak for America as a whole. Neither of which are correct. The kids in cages, the endlessly racially charged rhetoric (which you may not care about but many do), the large list of indictments and guilty pleas in the Mueller probe, the racially charged travel ban, his absolutely terrible handling of the Puerto Rico hurricane, his continued attacks on the press which are attacks on anything critical of him. This list also goes on and on. You've glossed over and forgotten most of them as well. No, you're just claiming your theories are correct since it's more convenient to do so. You know about as much as we do as to why the hell Trump has such deranged behavior. To call his policies moderate is pretty bold. That tax cut is straight up Republican. And most of his policies have not been remotely moderate. Trump fixed the border issues!? What are you talking about? That's straight up false. Dude, you've spun excuses and instant denials for any criticism leveled at Trump from the very start of these politically related threads. Whatever you may believe about yourself, you come off as a ridiculously entrenched Trump supporter. Not true. They've lost support pretty badly in every special election so far in districts they carried by landslides. That's not indicative of doing great. In any case, time will tell. This isn't worth debating anyways. Debating with you has and always will be a pointless cause since for whatever reason, you've only spun and denied instantly.
  14. deltaKshatriya

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    No, not really. Let me summarize your posts for you. You posit that Trump is a great President and all criticism of him is hyperbole/lies. @ChaosEngine attempts to ask for your metric, and your response is that "nah, I'm not gonna argue, your positions/beliefs/facts are just hyperboles, this is pointless." You've pretty much continued with that line and then proceeded to post your own falsehood that Trump was not from a pretty rich family. It seems that you have labeled anything that sounds even remotely critical of Trump as hyperbole/false. So why did you post here? Just posting about how Trump is amazing and then some more half researched points on how Trump represents the people and how the electoral college is egalitarian then going ahead and claiming that everything else is hyperbole sounds a lot like trolling to me. You just claimed that you aren't going to post anything more because of hyperbole but at the same time accuse others of not trying reasonable dialogue. What arbitrary criterion? That Trump has used racial/xenophobic rhetoric, has made statements that are racist, and has pushed for racially motivated policies, those are arbitrary criterion? The criticisms of his very unhinged leadership that involves criticizing anyone critical of him, including attacking the press, that's all arbitrary? Attacking our allies for no good reason, that's arbitrary? Again, notice I'm not even touching conservative policy keystones here. No, this isn't the opposite of the "correct" approach. This is basically you continuing your claim that most criticisms of Trump are unwarranted and to claim that people who don't like Trump are "just angry". The "correct" approach to you seems to be to simply not bother with any of the criticisms leveled at Trump. You want to engage in dialogue by basically ignoring anything critical of Trump. Your whole goal seems to be to hurl around the baseless claim and build the false narrative that all criticism of Trump is hyperbole and simply the narrative of people who are angry about their candidate not winning. This is pretty pointless to continue in. That's a fair point. The status quo is usually easiest to go with. That and for many people, the effects aren't immediately tangible yet. Keep in mind that he has very low approval ratings. Of course, that doesn't translate into votes, but let's see what happens. I suspect core support will probably never waver really. False on both counts and building a straw man. But as has been shown in the past, you've pretty much ignored anything critical of Trump and dismissed most things as either hyperbole or simply fake news. What'd be more accurate is that nothing you've cared about has happened so far to change your view, and I suspect very little actually will change your view given your history. That's a straw man you've used before that has been disproven before. No one who's actually following the developments has claimed that x story will cause impeachment. In any case, no Republicans won't impeach him since they've bought into the Trump train at this point. What? What does the NSA have to do with this? That makes no sense at all. You really haven't been following polls or the past special elections have you. Low trust in the media? Dude, you and the core Trump supporters are the ones who keep on harping about this. It's a great way to dismiss any and all criticism of Trump. The economy is doing well so far, sure, as it has been for quite some time. I will concede this, that it's a major factor for sure. That's very spot on. There's a lot of points covered in this thread about things that Trump has done that are absolutely angering people.
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