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  1. deltaKshatriya

    Unity dropping Monodevelop a let down for small indie?

    I'm only a hobbyist game dev, though I'm a software dev for my day job. I was never a big fan of Monodevelop, for whatever odd reason, though I really do like the Unity engine itself. I preferred using Sublime text editor, and I guess this change means that's what I'll primarily be using from here on out if and when I do game dev related stuff. I guess there is a convenience factor with Monodevelop? I'm not sure if there was much I liked about Monodevelop besides that. My $.02 though.
  2. deltaKshatriya

    Starting Out on a Game Project

    You can't really go wrong with either Unreal or Unity. I don't think Unity is limited in any significant way for your project. You'll find that people have specific opinions on both engines but neither is significantly limited in any way. The other thing to remember is that you're just starting out. I'd focus more on learning to program, how to use an engine, etc. and build some basic things to learn a bit. These basic things can even be related to your project, but just remember that at this stage, it will take time to churn out a game. Games are large endeavors and take a while to make in general. Don't be deterred by this, just temper your expectations. So the point of all that is just pick an engine you feel comfortable using. Both are great engines. Best of luck!
  3. deltaKshatriya

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    I found this article: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/lucasfilm-licking-wounds-but-not-halting-star-wars-development-1122655 Looks like they aren’t halting development of the new movies. Thoughts?
  4. deltaKshatriya

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    Exactly this. This is sort of overdoing the amount of movies we get per year. It sort of works for Marvel, but I doubt the same formula will work for Star Wars. Solo probably is just a film too far. I had mostly the same issues. I thought that TFA was far too similar to Episode 4, especially with Deathstar 3.0. The chain of coincidences...ehh I can let that slide along with the whole reflexes thing as well. The reflexes part I simply ascribe to the inherently odd way that SW looked at space period. And hey, that's JJ Abrams for ya. Did you like TFA or TFJ? Which one more than the other? Where did you get that idea? The original movies were riddled with giant plot holes. The first movie was just a cross genre mishmash: "Shakespeare Samurais in Space!". It's just that aside from these potholes, they also had some pretty cool added value in cool universe building and plot payoffs. And if you think about it then even "Shakespeare Samurais in Space!" is pretty revolutionary if you are the first to pull it off in a big budget movie. I never got that idea, but I hear this notion that the OT had no 'glaring plot holes' as the main means of criticizing the flaws of the new movies. I understand that its subjective whether a film is good or not, but I've really hated how some use a false claim to criticize the flaws of the new movies. Star Wars was very revolutionary at its time, and there's no denying it was very visionary for what it did. I don't deny that at all.
  5. deltaKshatriya

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    I'm not trying to. Obviously your opinion is yours and mine is mine. What I am trying to illustrate is that people keep pointing to this idea that the original movies don't have many glaring plot holes when in fact the old movies are actually riddled with them. You don't have to like the new movies. But this above notion is just annoying. Yea from the sounds of it, they're trying to rethink the spin off movies (I assume you mean the next spin off, since I believe that the next Episode will continue as planned). I can understand why they are rethinking the spin offs. As @Promit mentioned, it's hard to really understand what they are trying to accomplish. My take was that they're doing what RPG games do with side-quests: just add more to the universe. Thing is, it's really tough to plan spin offs for an already established universe. The Marvel movies aren't really spin offs: they all contribute to one another. Here, the main Episodes are the main event where as the spin offs are just....fluff I guess? It seemed like that the Solo movie was moving in some direction with its end reveal, but it's tough to say.
  6. deltaKshatriya

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    I really object to this. We really need to stop putting all of the old films onto a pedestal here. The old films had plenty of unbelievable plot holes. Tiny teddy bears killing Stormtroopers in battle armor by throwing sticks and rocks at them? That was beyond ridiculous. Why does the Emperor leak literally everything to the rebels to spring his trap in the last movie? That seems a bit risky, no? How the hell does Luke have the necessary knowledge to duke it out in a dogfight in a military space-combat vehicle when he's never even left the planet of Tatooine, let alone piloted a spacecraft? Why would anyone sink all that time and money into building a weapon that is so obviously vulnerable (explained only in Rogue One, not the OT)? Why did they not destroy that escape pod as it jettisoned from the Tantive IV in a universe literally filled with non organic beings known as droids? This list could go on and I haven't even gotten into the prequels, where there are plot-holes galore. Padme still loves a guy who essentially admits to being a mass murderer?? What? How the hell does nobody notice that there's a massive clone army being built? How do none of the Jedi not notice a Sith infiltrating the political structures of the Republic? How the hell does Anakin lose because of 'the high ground'? Better yet, how the hell did Yoda lose? Why did those star systems leave the Republic anyways? Now hold on, this sounds like nit-picking, but that's exactly my point. Look hard enough and there are a ton of holes in the original movies as well. Again, it's absolutely your opinion to like or dislike the new movies, but can we at least stop enshrining the old movies as films without noticeable unbelievable plot holes? Blasters work really poorly against lightsabers though. That's been fairly well established. Yes, Finn isn't a force user, but he's already killed one other person with it by the time the other melee weapon wielding Stormtrooper arrives. Now remember this: by the time the First Order is real, the Jedi technically aren't extinct anymore. It is a conceivable threat that First Order troopers would have to face down Jedi. So they'd be trained to take down targets that wield lightsabers. Knowing fully well that shooting at a lightsaber armed opponent means potentially having those shots come back at you, you'd probably last longer with a melee weapon that is capable of blocking a lightsaber. It'd make sense to switch to that melee weapon, especially if the target in question has already killed another guy with it. Sure they know Finn was a former trooper but they don't know if Finn has any training with the lightsaber. Though I hate to pull out lore books, here's a quote from a novel: That is debatable. There was a heavily crowded release schedule at that time, not to mention that the last SW film was only 6 months old, and, of course, most people weren't super interested in a Han Solo movie anyways. As for the TLJ drop itself, the same thing was observed with The Empire Strikes Back and The Attack of the Clones: part 2 movies always see a bit of a drop. This is a pretty good summary of all possibilities which includes the whole 'backlash'. I personally have doubts that this any indication of a 'backlash'. I think we do need to remember it's only a 2 hour long or so movie. How much more can you possibly add in? The amount of complaints people have had would probably lead to a documentary film than a new Star Wars movie. Although @Oberon_Command, you did mention you had your complaints about the Force Awakens, what were they? I'm curious since I had my complaints as well.
  7. deltaKshatriya

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    No he didn't. I'm absolutely certain of this. Also, just to add some more credence to my point on the OT trilogy plot holes: https://screenrant.com/star-wars-original-trilogy-plot-holes/ EDIT: I want to note that not all of these are great points, but some of them I have noticed as well. I also want to note that I'm not trying to knock on the original trilogy but more trying to make the point that the new movies aren't extremely far below the standard set by the original trilogy.
  8. deltaKshatriya

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    The actual footage: Looks plenty wounded to me with that repeated thumping of his armor. Check this out here: Check that impact out. Looks brutal. I agree with @Oberon_Command that this isn't stretching believability that much. He's pretty damned wounded, it's been fairly clearly established. I get it, it's your opinion and my opinion at the end of the day, fair enough. But is this really not 'wounded' enough for you? The movie does clearly establish he's wounded in these two scenes. This comes off a bit as nit-picking now to me. Ohhh now we're getting into lore. My guess is that they were bad shots, but meant to kill with massed fire and numbers, something like the Imperial Guard of the 40k universe. This is a fair point also though. That and let's remember that Finn doesn't win either. He scores a hit against a wounded Ren.
  9. deltaKshatriya

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    He had literally just killed his own father. Literally seconds prior to that. Seems like he may have been a little distracted and perhaps emotionally compromised. Exactly this. I'm not quite sure I get this complaint either. It's not that much of a stretch to imagine that he wouldn't have sensed a blaster bolt coming his way. Ok, though I generally think we are on the same page, I will say that I somewhat disagree here. Stormtroopers, at least in the Original Trilogy, were famously incompetent. Now maybe things have changed, and sure, there is definitely some sort of training and we see evidence of it, Stormtroopers were pretty incompetent I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but this is also spot on. Rey does show some clear evidence of prior training with a weapon that isn't that different from a lightsaber. Out of curiosity what were your complaints? TFA for me is below TLJ, and that's primarily because of how little it does differently, and especially in the case of something that essentially amounts to a third Death Star. I still liked it, but those were my issues at least. Well leaving aside the explanations and points already made, examine the prequel and original trilogy. Let's start first with the original trilogy. There's some serious inconsistencies there as well. We have Luke starting off essentially as a farm boy that at the end of the film, is capable of, without any training at all, fly a combat star-fighter? This is just one, and it's not exactly me saying that the original sucked, but if we sit here, I'll bet I could find a ton. My only point is that the new movies are no worse than the originals. Then the prequels. Ughhhh. What was the trade dispute and why the hell did they invade an entire planet over it? What justification could possibly work there? Why do the Jedi have no idea that a Sith has infiltrated so far into the galactic political structure? Why in hell's name does Padme still love someone who is essentially a mass-murderer and admits to doing so??? I can go on and on, but the prequels are the worst offenders of this.
  10. deltaKshatriya

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    I don't see it as a jump scare. It's just not what anyone expected. I'd also argue that it does fit: in the context of the film, we see Rey screaming for her parents to come back while being held by the junk dealer dude. I disagree on this point as well actually. I saw her entire plot point as another sort of meta-failure (part of the theme of the movie). She essentially failed to effectively manage the ship to ensure the planned getaway. That was my interpretation. And this is my own difference in opinion again: I don't regard the writing of the old trilogy to be that great. It worked for its time, but really there's a ton of stuff that makes little sense in those movies as well. IMO this is probably the correct outcome (and I didn't realize they were actually planning to make all these extra movies). All of them feel every bit as cynical and cash-grabby as Solo, created not so much to add anything material as to just drag more audience dollars into the theater on name recognition alone. More than anything else I'm not sure why they made a movie on Han Solo of all people. Rogue One was interesting in that it explained a pretty critical point to Episode 4: why in hell's name would anyone build a massive, expensive planet killing weapon that has such a critical weakness in it? Where did the plans come from? That made the movie a good mix of nostalgia with some really interesting new takes. It was far darker than other SW movies typically are. Rogue One is still my top favorite new Star Wars movie at the moment. It probably would have gone much faster if not for the fact that, in a preceding scene, Kylo Ren hadn't taken a blaster bolt in the abdomen. Given that the same weapon that hit him was previously shown to one-shot stormtroopers in armor, I think it's frankly astounding that Kylo Ren could stand, never mind fight with a lightsaber. A lot of people on the internet seem to have forgotten that he was fighting with a gut wound. I'm not entirely sure why. Sometimes a small thing is all it takes to push someone over the edge. Exactly this. As I repeated before, Ren was really badly wounded by the time he fought Finn and Rey. It's not that odd that he lost to Rey and barely beat Finn. That wound was pretty bad. Why did Ren turn on Snoke? I'd also add that we've already seen it established that Ren wants power more than anything else. He killed his own father in the last movie. Doesn't that tell you he's a mentally unstable dude? We also keep seeing how he's obsessed with Vader and how he wants to 'finish what he started'. Clearly he's aiming to be even bigger than Darth Vader ever was. It's clear that he's got some pretty twisted aims and it makes sense that in order to be bigger then Vader he'd need to kill his master and become the Master, so to speak. It builds his character as an irredeemable character and sets up for a good Episode 9. My opinion at least. This was infuriating actually and I absolutely agree with you here man. It was really sad to see that crusade against the crew. Makes me feel really sad about the state of humanity these days. Sigh, but we're getting off topic.
  11. deltaKshatriya

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    Ok, I'll take a crack at this: I'm not sure Kylo Ren qualifies as the strongest badass in the Jedi galaxy in Episode 7. It's not the impression I got, unless I missed something somewhere. Kylo Ren was wounded pretty badly before that fight started. Certainly Rey seems to some 'innate talent', which I've thought just meant that she's particularly strong with the Force. That and lightsaber battle doesn't seem too different from using the stick that she had before, with which she seems fairly proficient in. It seems no more odd to me than the fact that Luke Skywalker, a farm boy from a backwater in Episode 4 is able to pilot a combat starfighter in a pitched space dogfight without any actual prior experience either. I'm not trying to knock Episode 4 with this example, but there are lots of examples of this sort of stuff in the previous movies. "It's over Anakin, I have the high ground." As much as I do think Episode 3 is not a bad movie, this part was far from consistent. A pitched lightsaber battle ensues without any clear victor, but Obi Wan gets onto a slightly elevated mound of ground and that's enough to defeat Anakin? Sure we can fill it in as arrogance, but that seems lazy and more of an excuse to end the battle than anything else. Let's not forget that we have no idea why Yoda is unable to kill Palpatine. It's extremely unclear, more so than the above example and it's an even worse excuse to end the battle. I'm gonna refer you to the above point: Kylo Ren was already wounded going into that fight. I think we have two really different perceptions here: I'm not sure where you got the idea that Kylo Ren is portrayed as extremely powerful. He's certainly got more training in the force than Rey does I'll give you that, but I never got the perception that he was a 'badass super powerful Sith'. I've already made some points on this as well anyways. In that regards, Snoke can easily overwhelm the relatively untrained Rey. Even if we assume that Ren is extremely powerful, Snoke is generally shown as more powerful than Ren. Snoke has already fooled Rey once earlier in the movie, so continuing to do so doesn't seem that difficult. How did Ren beat Snoke? I'm not sure beat is the right term here. He basically fooled Snoke and took advantage of arrogance on Snoke's part. I can see that working. And here's another fundamental difference in my perception of Star Wars: I've never thought Star Wars had very strong internal logic. The movies themselves didn't I thought. The Expanded Universe tried to impose some on top of that, but the EU is now a moot point anyways since Disney effectively threw out the EU pretty quickly. One other thing I do want to state is that we do still have one more movie. Yea that may sound weak, but I think there's still quite a bit that can happen in another film. That and we already have some pretty fundamental differences of opinion already.
  12. deltaKshatriya

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    That reveal made me think that they're setting up for an Obi Wan Kenobi movie. That was a genuinely cool part of the movie though. Donald Glover was amazing. He definitely did carry the movie a lot more than the guy who played Solo did. This seems to be the most pointed out aspect: a Han Solo movie never made much sense. His background didn't really matter that much. He was a smuggler in the original trilogy. That's all that mattered. Contrasted with something like a Boba Fett movie (or even a Jango Fett movie for that matter), and there's a ton to be explored there, especially given his background after Mace Windu decapitated his dad. That being said though, it's still somewhat surprising, since I actually thought it was a fun film. Yes, according to this, there's at least two new trilogies in the work, and that 5 year break looks unlikely. There's a lot they could potentially explore, and I'm curious to see which routes they take. Star Wars, unlike MCU, is way bigger in terms of its universe. If they can make genuinely good stuff, I say go for it. Of course, it may lead to franchise fatigue. Episode 7 was fun in my opinion, but played it relatively safe. It went for a familiar set up to the first Star Wars movie. Episode 8 is where I thought that they finally decided to take some risks, of which admittedly, not all of them paid off, but much of it did. As @ChaosEngine said, it had its flaws, but it tried a lot of new things. I'm very curious what you mean by this. What do you mean by lack of continuity and lazy production? And I think that this is the major difference between me and many others who 'grew up' with Star Wars. I technically grew up with Star Wars, but those were the prequels when they came out. To me, the perceived flaws of the new movies are not so different from those the original trilogy if I tried to get really nitpicky. I absolutely hated the prequels, except for Episode 3. Episode 3 was a good movie that would've been great if Episodes 1 and 2 weren't such a mess. At minimum I thought that the new trilogy seemed far better than the prequels, except maybe Episode 3. On the contrary, I thought that killing off Snoke served to build Kylo Ren as a potentially irredeemable character. I thought it sets up a potentially great Episode 9. That and I never really saw Snoke as much more different than the Emperor in the original trilogy, in the sense that he wasn't particularly central to the plot. We knew next to nothing about the Emperor as well in the Original trilogy. Again, I should reiterate, that while I did certainly like watching the original trilogy, I don't have nearly as strong a connection with it as many who grew up with it do. That and from my perspective, the original trilogy isn't THAT amazing as it may be for others.
  13. deltaKshatriya

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    Hey fair enough, you probably aren't wrong there.
  14. This came up in the other thread, and I figured this would be an interesting discussion, more lightweight than Battlefield V's controversy. I recently saw the Han Solo movie actually and I enjoyed the movie, with my only major complaint being that the actor who plays Han Solo could've been better cast. But it was still a fun film, and I actually thought it was better than Episode 8 (which I also liked). Surprisingly enough, the movie itself has not done very well at the box office and will barely break even. It's also the least successful Star Wars movie ever. Now there can be many reasons for this. The more popular reasons stated have been that there were a ton of releases at the same time and that franchise fatigue was in effect, since the last Star Wars movie released just 6 months ago. Some have also stated that it's simply the poor decisions of Disney being reflected in ticket sales. In general this has made for an interesting debate on the 'new' Star Wars franchise and creative decisions made, etc. So what did people think of the Solo movie? What about the new franchise in general?
  15. deltaKshatriya

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    We are here to discuss those opinions and whatever is attached to those opinions. I don't see anyone here literally saying "you just hate women that's why you don't like these changes". That's something you've attached/assumed. We are discussing the whole 'historical inaccuracy' controversy. And it's very clear that this isn't just about 'historical inaccuracy". Yea you've got the right to express your opinion. We've also got the right to discuss those opinions, especially when the professed point of 'inaccuracy', or whatever does: a): spark a backlash b): doesn't really make much sense when much of the context of the series and changes are considered I'm not sure what you're trying to get at here. If you're trying to imply that this is a pointless discussion, I'd only agree in the sense that many of us here have repeatedly rebuffed claims ad nauseam only to hear them again. @Gian-Reto, on your points on James Bond etc., as others have pointed out, your opinion is pretty much just that, your opinion. It's pretty subjective to say that a new IP would definitely be better than the evolution of a current IP. And again, your opinion of the new James Bond, etc., is pretty much a moot point considering the overall success/lack of success of the IP in question. James Bond and God of War both have been very successful in their newest iterations. Clearly the markets, at least, at minimum do not care and at best absolutely loved the changes. Coming back to the discussion at hand of Battlefield V, the skins aren't going to have any impact on the bottom line for the game. It'll probably still be very successful, especially given the other gameplay changes that are coming (finally more destruction for environments!).
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