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  1. I went from -2 to -33 from a single post. Well on track for my -666 !!! In the meanwhile I've been quite busy, working on commercial projects. I bet the people who voted me down have not even got a job in the industry !! Vote me down more!! I need to reach my goal!
  2. Thanks for your mini-rant. You took the time to notice there is a problem here. I'm not wasting another moment on this, I have paid work to do. If anyone wants to take me to task for my posts, or ask what I would have done differently, seek me out.
  3. I want more fanboy feelgood points! lol seriously? its not about the points, its about the lack of common courtesy, yeah i did stick it to one or two people - who clearly, in context, deserved it ! I don't apologize and I don't expect an apology, i want truth and honesty and an open forum with no preclusion ?
  4. Interesting observations, i would prefer that the down votes carry a post, so that there is no doubt about it. If we are going to support negatives, we should see clearly that it was not the establishment who demoted us? And I thought we already agreed that we would not support negative rep? I was sent to a discussion where this was clearly not going to occur. Sure, I can hang out somewhere else, this is not very representative of independent game development, and has no links to organizations who are based on that premise. But did you review all the posts I made? Was I generally obnoxious, or singularly so? My rep will do very well outside this small space, I have no doubt.
  5. yeah, gcap was fun, met lots of actually interesting people, got funded, and smiled a lot, and its still not even the end of the year lol
  6. the vp of epic games thought our little jousting game was cool, but wanted us to rewrite it using their engine lol, wheres our free license? hint
  7. no good turn goes unpunished here
  8. for the record, ive been programming for 25 years this all started when i helped a few people and got demoted for doing that? then its basically been downhill from there anyone who wants help will have to seek me out now, they probably filter my posts but i did point to another site where ive been looking after game and physics stuff for a decade or so have a nice day
  9. I'll be making games while these posers demote me on their petty commercial advertising driven site see you in the gdc financials
  10. My reputation ? grins
  11. Now my current score on this crap forum is minus 2 - after they agreed minus scored would not happen. Can i reach - 666? Yours Truly, for saying nothing more than the truth.
  12. oh I forgot - heres a worthless counter representing all the places where you copy-constructed it and incremented the ref counter, now fix it
  13. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. You need a smart pointer manager to manage your smart pointers, why don't smart pointer classes implement simple code to log where they were allocated in debug builds? how stupid is it that a smart pointer leaks, somewhere, heres the object on the heap - oh you weren't tracing all heap allocations? poor u! smart is as smart does, its a misnomer!
  14. One person alone, is so isolating, you build walls around you and your work - at least one more, and you bounce ideas off each other, its better
  15. I was invited to gcap - and stood around outside, hawking my wares like a whore, and it felt so right. Thanks to all the people who stopped to play it!