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    Scared, I have ideas, but know not what to do.

    Bear with my allegory for a moment. It'll pay off.   P.S. Yes, it's really me.   I live in Racine, WI.   I have in-laws in St. Paul, MN.   Upon occasion, like weddings and such, there has been need to travel from where I live to where they live.   It is about a 5.5 hour drive according to google maps.   I don't know how to do a five hour drive. Its too long. Its too far. If I think about it, I'll just quit.   So, instead. I drive to Madison, WI.   That's only a 2 hour drive.   Once I get there, I usually stop for gas, snacks, drinks, and to pee.   Then I drive to Tomah. Then to Eau Claire. Don't speed through Eau Claire, BTW.   And finally, I drive to St. Paul.   Why is this germane?   There are things that I am confident that I am able to do.   There are things that I consider impossible for me to do.   And there are things that I think I can probably do, but need to stretch my comfort zone a little.   See what I'm saying?
  2. I loved your book!
  3. I'm glad to finally have a name for this. Sporadic. I've been studying and dissecting these sorts of games for months, mainly the Storm8 games on the iPod Touch, but also looking at the various Zynga and Playmesh games. Playmesh is by far the least quality of the games. Storm8 does some pretty interesting innovations to overcome some of the balance issues. Zynga is the de facto king, as is evidenced by practically everybody on facebook playing mafia wars and farmville. I play the Storm8 games, and feel they have done a good job. Unfortunately, I have essentially exploited the game in that I have spent all of the money I earned performing missions on various passive income items, so I get insane amounts of money just for letting the time pass. Money (or whatever resource is the equivalent) is never my shortfall resource, and I further invest passive income into more passive income generators. The shortfall resource is always energy/mana/action points, which can only be increased at level ups and in earning certain threshholds, like the various games that have some sort of "mission mastery" concept.

    Video blog?

    Dude. You need to skype me in, so that we can have the wacky video blog/podcast of First Name and First Name. You can be the first First Name. Casual Game Development Circus Midgets Unite!

    How to Snap, Crackle, and Pop in AS3

    I suppose you could also use eval (unless they dumped eval in AS3)?

    Oh many things

    http://opensword.org/Pixen/ Also, if you haven't found it yet: http://www.barebones.com/products/TextWrangler/download.html. This is my Notepad++ equivalent in macland.

    beginings of the forest of fear

    Make me think: "Whoa! That's one *BIG* mushroom!" a la Diablo.

    Posted version 1.00

    Well, then. Let's see a list of where you are at, and what you have left to do. Believe me, you need to know where "done" is before you can head for it.

    Not Dead :D

    now, by "full remodel", are we talking "down to studs"? or just ripping out and replacing fixtures?

    Design question

    First: remember the lesson learned with Bejeweled 2. Second: why not fill in pies from the top endlessly? At certain point threshholds, add a new color. Eventually the board should yield no more moves. Yes, this gets rid of whatever column bonuses. Or - only add pies until a certain number of pies has been added, at which point the game ends as normal and column bonuses become meaningful again. And/Or - put arkanoidesque powerups in the various pies, which earn you single use powers, like a column swap or a row swap or a pie and adjacent pie swap or a rotate the pies around a central pie power.

    Music To My Ears

    Today, I successfully incorporated the JetLag sound effects into the iPhone version. I have also completed the main menu, how to play, and about screen. Which means I'm just a little bit of testing away from done with it. And then it's off to the app store! It is a wonderful thing to hear the jetlag song coming out of headphones on an ipodtouch.

    Guess Chess

    For a second time and a second handheld platform(former platform was Cybiko, for those interested), I'm once again stealing a game idea from John Hattan. The original game is called Black Box Chess, where the goal is to guess what chess pieces go where on a chess board, with the ability to get hints from selecting empty square and seeing how many of the pieces on the board "threaten" that square. Also, if you are a iconbuffeter or a person who has ever gone to molotov.nu, you will recognize the icons I have taken from those sources (the chessboards came from molotov.nu). Screen Shot At: http://playdeezgames.wordpress.com/2008/08/23/guess-chess/

    iPhone JetLag

    After toying with it for a while, I changed iPhone JetLag to use a 40x30 grid, which makes each of the cells 8x16 pixels. I prefer to have the game on a 40x(something) grid, so my choices are: 1. the 8x16 half wide cells that I am currently using 2. rotate the screen sideways, to make 40x26 cells, but all of the 12x12. 3. use 8x16 tiles, but make all of the objects double width, kind of half using a suggestion made for my last entry. For art, I figure I can make the solid blocks myself, and steal some powerup items from iconbuffet, if I decide to go with them. Or I can just take the original ascii character bitmap from JetLag1999, and just use that. Dunno yet. We are at a crossroads for JetLag as we know it.

    iPhone JetLag

    We are at a crossroads for JetLag as we know it.
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