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  1. is tweaking the corpses. How far is a foot supposed to bend, anyway?
  2. is at the Oxford Photographic Society, watching competition slideshow. Lovely, but looking at hundreds for a few seconds each is soporific.
  3. "Are you OK? You seem a bit floaty." "I am floaty, but in a magical way."
  4. Splitting code across files is being organised in space. Splitting code across commits is being organised in time.
  5. is sad to see the the independent gaming store he visited weekly at school is now a "fine art" store. :(
  6. is on his way to Great Malvern for the night.
  7. is all checked in at his hotel, but the night is yet young, and the hotel bar is open until 3am. Anyone in Malvern want to come out and say hi?
  8. "I like your creativity. I just don't like your idea."
  9. Does your project have a formal, part-of-the-development-process policy on refactoring? If so, what is it, and how do you find it? #gamedev
  10. is helping the lead artist make the explosions bigger.
  11. 'Bein' human means judgin' all the time,' said the voice behind him. 'This and that, good and bad, making choices every day . . . that's human.' 'And are you so sure you make the right decisions?' 'No. But I do the best I can.'
  12. just almost killed his house guest through the induction of uncontrollable laughter. Score!
  13. is removing swathes of completely pointless, redundant code. Beginning to understand the complaints people have about outsourcing quality...
  14. is playing the theremin between doing impressions of members of his local improv comedy troupe
  15. seems to have kicked off quite the religious debate with his post at #AltDevBlogADay. Guess I should have known not to blog about SCM...
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