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  1. SageKri

    Bet this'll hurt

    Yeah I didnt realize I posted in the tech side help section till after I posted... I've posted in the help wanted section before but im wondering if people ever really do get into a real game dev team or keep one running very long. Anyways, I'll CTRL C P later, imma pass out now. x.x
  2. SageKri

    Second Day Posting something here

    Yaaa, posted a bit more, not much has really changed from my last entry. Ironically enough this was probably posted even later in the evening for me then the last entry. it is 11:21 AM now and I'm about to fall asleep, just wanted to say thanks (for nothing AT ALL, seriously?!) gamedev community
  3. SageKri

    Project Fragmented

    Ever hear of the .Hack Game .Hack//Fragment? Well think of this as basically that but without being completly thought out yet. Yes, you got it right "Does this person have something to show us or are we wasting time reading this gibberish"? well, If its a waste of time then i hope i'm not wasting the minutes to type this. Back to the topic, .Hack//Fragment is the only .Hack game in which you could create your own character and play online with others on the PS2, The game was never released in the Us (So I think?) and the only time I have played it was through a Memory Card Mod Thing and the game burnt to a disc, w/e. I thought it was rather interesting but didnt have that flare that completed the experience. I came up with a idea that comes close to //Fragment, Project Fragmented will be the first among 3 of my Project to be completed, why? Well all the pieces are there in front of me already, there is no mystery on where the player will be playing, how the player will fight, what classes and such. I know my .Hack and I know the game very well (I played for quite a few hours offline solo mode in japanese which I still dont understand) I have a silly fail website if someone would like to read up on my primary MMO Project Sekaidein Here's my current List: Project Fragmented - .Hack//Fragment Remake to MMO Curent Standards and original .Hack Prowess. This game is meant to be a test, to tweak certain things, to learn and twist around the fabrics of MMO combat. Project Sekaidein - 10 year running MMO Project, 2 Plains of Existance, Digital and Reality. More skills then imaginable, More classes then known of (even more are hiddin within), Very complicated yet easy to use Fight System, Best Character customization thought of without giving full authority on character appearence, Thought out story and progressions. oh and Level cap of 9999 with items/weapons/skills/equips available every 2 levels (Level Cap Raises to 99999 Once 10 Players reach 9999)... My Passion lies within this single game. Project Hell Fire - The perfect FPS, Is that possible without harassment between Battlefield, Halo and Call of Duty?. Fully Destructible maps (Includes Terrain), Vehicles ranging from Super Sports Cars to Tow Trucks and golf carts, from a cart with a gun to the most sophisticated Tank in (this) war. From an F-16 to a Gatling Arm Space Shuttle. All down to a Pistol and Alien Sniper Rifles. Slap in some nice Character Customization and you have a party. Fight on land, in the Sea, In the Air or in the Space Above. Just watch out for falling parts, although... those would be some fun kills to brag about. (Official name yet to be determined). Did I mention I'm doing all this alone, got loads of free time on my hands and really do wish I had either some help with these or something else to do thats satisfying enough to keep my gaming wants focused on finishing something? ... Go to my website and post your introduction, maybe we could atleast get Fragmented started. Hell Fire can wait, Project Sekaidein is Alive in my dreams and my thoughts, I will always think of this and will never quit wanting this to be made. -Jerry Miller -- Lonely Wanabe Dev
  4. SageKri

    Bet this'll hurt

    DELETED (HW post outside of HW forum)
  5. SageKri

    Stealing Characters from another Game

    Lol well, they did give somewhat credit to the makers of Angry Birds, plus this isnt a game and they made no profit off it at all. I think they'll only really get on you about stealing something (like characters or a story) if your the one making profit and you do not give the original makers credit.
  6. SageKri

    Ai Idea

    I dont know too much about AI's but I do think this would fall under the AI Category and not Scripts. I thought there should/could be a AI system that reads character data, like Levels, certain skills and even party details. then create a challenge for the party in a dungeon. Think about walking into a dungeon, alone and have a handful of decent to easy mobs to fight, not much of a challenge but you come back with a few more players, saying this would be easy you notice right off that the path has changed, some of the lighting is a little different and what stood out the most... the mobs were more challenging then before. I dont know, thought it would be a interesting concept to see happen in a F2P Game out today. I even thought of adding something like it to my own MMORPG but that would seem almost pointless since the digital realm was implemented. Anyways, just a lingering thought if it could be made, what would you need to do something like this, what programs and such. I bet it would need to link itself to the database to pull the mob models and the maps.
  7. SageKri

    Sleeping Schedule

    What is this thing called "Sleep"? I seem to not get anywhere near enough of it, oh well! What does it have to do with a Blog? Because 3D Developing is why my sleep took its bags and ran away. I work Midnight Shift at a Bowling Alley, Oh the joys of being on a different time schedule from all your friends and family. Whats this? It gets better?.... Moved across the Country to be with a very lovely girl, Which also means every one of my friends are now in a different time Zone
  8. Attmepting to find a Red Ring Rico 3D Model :o Saw her in one of Lee's Video's and I want to play around with her model a bit =] Personal of course. We love PSO <3
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