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  1. Unity my first rpg

    If you're trying to get more experienced regarding programming. I would recommend C - it's a great language. You can combine it with different engines or frameworks (SDL is great).
  2. It'll be quite exhausting if I made up an algorithm here, from scratch. But I can give you a simple impression. Assuming you're using 2D this means that you'll need tile graphics that fit perfectly (and nothing less) on each other. You can give each tile a value for it's base coördinate (not elevated) and a value for it's height (and much more other values, as the slope value mentioned by vleugel), to indicate where the graphic will be drawn. Then you make sure each tile is being in the right order (with Z-index values for example) - And voila you will have a map. The prerendering method as I mentioned early, will probably not work quite well with these editors, as the whole map has to be re-rendered each time you heighten the terrain.
  3. Hi face, I think this depends a bit on your plans. I never played AOE 2, but I know that in AOE 1 the tiles are sloped in such a way, that higher tiles can't overlap sprites that are (spatially) below them. I will try to make a screenshot later on to demonstrate it. Anyway, this means that you can place all tiles next to each other and render them in one layer which can be drawn as a background. But... If you want your tiles to be sloped in a different way or uninclined (I'm not quite sure about the existence of that word ^^), you will have to render each tile individually.