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  1. Steam is nothing special as a developer you have the control over where files are located in your own directory structure.   It looks like COD went with an archive format for their files now which allows for better compression on the archived files. This will in turn have a faster load from the disc with perhaps a trade of in the decompression step of those files in the archive. The massive FF files seem to be the archive files. And it seems like they made a single archive per location which means you dont have to jump through the directory structure to load the files for a level. This is offcourse all speculation on my part   Makes complete sense for a runtime scenario. I would agree with this explanation. Assuming they also have a different structure for their development side. They probably didn't put very much thought into a user friendly file structure simply cause they didn't have to and just focused on performance. 
  2. lask1

    New to game programming need help

    I never got a degree. I learned how to do everything by myself and got a job doing OpenGL programming for a digital signage company.   There are many sub-fields. Graphics, AI, networking, Audio and many more.   Experience ALWAYS helps. Make some personal goals and jump right in. Oh and start small!   Yes an employer will look at this when you apply for a job. I just had enough experience to squeeze by when I started. This should always be a focus learn about programming before diving into games. The best and most successful programmers I meet are very self motivated and have side projects on the go. There is always is a demand for good programmers. I can't help too much with this question. I've never worked for a large company so i wouldn't know. Here at a small office I get a large office, free snacks, lots of holidays and always done at 5.     A good starting point is learning how to program. In general many game programmers use the C++ programming language. This can be a bad place for beginners to start. Learning how to build websites can teach you the fundamentals of programming and you can create your own web based games.
  3. You could directly affect velocity of the player rather than applying a force.
  4. lask1

    how to crop on SDL 1.2

    Looks like this would be the tutorial for you. http://lazyfoo.net/tutorials/SDL/39_tiling/index.php   Sounds like what you are interested in doing is creating a "tilesheet"/"spritesheet"   The idea of only using part of an image for rendering or bliting.
  5. lask1

    Question about saved games

    Exactly and at that point you would be storing your saved data in database.   There are many ways to save data and from the sounds of it you are a beginner. Saving to a text file is a good place to start. Even though saving to a text file is expensive, if you are not making a huge AAA game then it really shouldn't matter.   Might also be worth looking into different text data formats like json and xml.
  6. Why I am becoming a mechanic. I know that this kind of environment is not for me...I worked as a professional software developer for over a year and knew it wasn't for me. I like to keep it as a hobby plus I still do freelance.   I don't do this stuff because I want to be the robot that sits in his desk all day...I want my projects to really mean something to me.   Also sucks when you are programming all day and go home and don't feel like programming anymore :( It's so much nicer to work on cars and come home and be able to do my software stuff to relax.
  7. Have a secret key passed through command line while but have the key be a hash of a string for something that changes...Time works. Adds a tiny bit of extra security. It's simple too which is nice if you don't want to spend much time on it. Edit: You could use what day and hour it is maybe even the first digit of the minutes and if you are close to the time the key switches then the launcher could wait a second for the key to switch over before launching.
  8. I agree with SeraphLance,   This sounds like the problem you are having. If the game is updating inconsistently then the controls will too. You need to multiply the values of how much the mouse moved by the delta-time between each frame.   Cheers!
  9. lask1

    The Problem with Color

    So I uploaded my game bounce to the Android Play Store not too long ago and everything has been good for the most part. The main complaint I had was about the controls so I have added and options screen where the user can choose which control scheme they like best. The other thing that I added I really did not expect to be as big a problem as it is... Almost immediately after posting on reddit I had a person message me saying that they were not able to play the game since they were colorblind and were not able to see the difference between a few of the colors. I didn't realize how big of a problem this was but it affects quite a few people and so with the help of /r/ColorBlind I have come up with a basic option for people who have trouble seeing between some colors. The best way to solve this problem is to not rely on colors at all. Your game should never really just be only about colors. You need to have shapes and other patterns mixed in. Cheers!
  10. lask1

    Quick update

    Just a quick update since I'm on my phone. Going to try and get momentum with writing these things. Anyone have suggestions for marketing apps? I just released my game bounce https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moderncave.bounce And I have been getting good feedback and I am keeping a majority of my users but I want to find some ways to help push my app for relatively low cost. Playing around with some rpg code I wrote but not 100% where I am going to go next. I would love to write some SFML tutorials!
  11. lask1

    Starting my Journal

    I'm restarting my journal...not like I had anything before restarting, I have released a game, I am continuing to work on a few other projects and I am searching for a job. Other than that I think the newest things are I am done my finals and life has been pretty plain haha. The game I released I have named "Bounce". It's a simple game idea I have been sitting on and did not get to it until now cause of my other projects getting in the way. Now, I have had the time to develop and release it on Android. You can find the game here. Under my account I also have my other app "3D Cubpix Live Wallpaper". Another app that I was involved in the past year was Quicklinkt. Back to Bounce though, I came up with the idea while thinking of a single player pong game. Making pong single player would just be boring but I believe I have put enough of a skew on it to make it amusing . One of the other projects I am working on is a 3D fighting game. It is just me working on it at the moment but I would love to get an artist and another programmer on board. I have always been a huge fan of Soul Calibur but there was bits and pieces of the game that felt really off to me. I decided that I wanted to make a game kind of like Blazblue where characters are giving off a really unique feel. I have a lot of the game's core built, all in C++, SFML and OpenGL. I am planning on working on the combat systems next with a large portion of it revolving around online gameplay. Finally, I am looking for a job! I am starting an automotive service tech program in my city but it does not start until september. In the meantime I would like to make some money. I worked for over a year at Display Systems International in Canada. I was hired when I was 18 as a C++, OpenGL and web services developer. I had to quit because of time conflicts with University and I am sure they would take me back but I have a "been there, done that" feeling and I would rather work in the automotive industry where I am starting to move in to. Just trying to get better with my writing skills! Something I have never been fantastic with. If any of you have suggestions for books or websites to work on my marketing skills, I need help on that too! Also follow my on twitter! I am trying to post more and more of my up to date development info @John_GameDev.
  12. lask1

    When do videos need voiceovers?

    I agree with this. Most of the time I do not have sound on and I assume this is the same as a lot of people. Sound shouldn't be vital to a trailer and should capture the user quickly before they move onto something else.
  13. lask1

    Reducing Unity game file size

    Thanks! Ill be looking into doing this for my game I am about to release! Very very useful.
  14. lask1

    Twitchy Thrones is out now!

    Looks cool, Im going to get it!
  15. lask1

    What's In Your Toolbox?

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