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  1. A computer game should take advantage of using floating point numbers because the over use of integer numbers may actually overload the CPU for math processing with the FPU potion can be used for math processing. Feedback please. What do you guys think? Let me start on why. A small computer game will never really see a performance hit but all the new mathemathics and physics used now probably is expected to go to a special module to take care of the processing, but maybe those modules are not really needed because the processors already have a portion of that ability inside of their MMX,SSE, and FPU processing. thanks.
  2. Check this out. His company is cool and probably makes the Atart 2600 people mad. LOL! Nicely done. My linkhttp://www.xgamestation.com/view_product.php?id=12
  3. I think I am going to have to stay an old dog with new tricks like using Directx5 with 3D for my things because the race to learn and apply new technologies seem to be required to just do anything. Of course I will not get a job programming old dog stuff unless I employ myself.
  4. > Perfect. I think that HTML 5 is very good for building from, but I still need that low level love so I am also looking at using cygwin's GCC compiler and Adobe alchemy instead. It is cheaper and it looks like it may do the job for what I want. Thanks.
  5. How about using Microsoft Silverlight as a view port for applications instead of using OpenGL or DirectX? So far I can think of it as using flash as an extended view port for an application.
  6. Here is some scanned paper - one is graph paper and the other is college ruled paper. Both blank. A strange programmer urge needs these so I just posted them. Thanks. to make this more compliant using Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO; begin Put_Line("I like this programming language for some reason"); end main
  7. RoyCHill

    using free alternatives

    Maybe the free alternatives are not so bad when cygwin is used. I'll have to do some computer work to find out, but it looks promising because applications can be used with maybe a few dll files that link to the cygwin system.
  8. Microsoft Security Essentials is your best file audit application for internal means of protection. There is a finance joke in there.
  9. RoyCHill

    sweet on the idea,

    I am suggesting that if you know would to shell code then maybe a game could be make with a small account some shell coding and some HTML. The HTML would be your game's view port.
  10. A console application that cannot physically output to graphics can be complimented by using a graphics file viewer as an external view port. The console application would generate a graphics file with the desired data and the view port would display it. This is the old CGI implementation that compliments HTML pages. Web counters were done this way. Also to support this old view port technique is a great application reference is pov-ray. So the whole application could be done in a console fashion just to limit the application from multitasking because most view port applications only take the data, process graphics, and display it to an external viewport.
  11. RoyCHill

    I thought about it

    [font="Courier New"]For me, the issue with web based game techniques is the bandwidth load on the web server. Most web servers can handle a concurrent amount of clients like one thousand of them but the issue is the web server is also the media content server. I would not like to play a game that serves media content from online streaming because it lacks precision in timing that a local application can do especially when there is a huge client load. They are still fun to play.[/font]
  12. http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/en-us/products/2010-editions/visual-cpp-express
  13. RoyCHill


    Clear out a system hard drive before sending it back to the vendor by just booting to and install a usb version of Ubuntu Linux.
  14. RoyCHill


    I just reinstalled my laptop with Windows Vista(TM) and I am downloading and installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1. I also need to download and install C++ express 2010. Hopefully I do not suck all the bandwidth up from my family's wireless connection.
  15. Okay, I just assume that win32 will be around for a long time. The trend is it is not as I can tell. 64-bit programming is just for the memory so I think it is kind of silly. Yes, 64 bit values are better but there is a point and it is a personal issue for me. win32
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