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  1. hi. im not sure that im asking it in right place but i think its a technical question. ten years ago making game was a very hard task. there was game studio, flash and.... but they were so limited. now every one is making games with unity. its a first solution on every game maker that has no tool. certainly still there are limitations on unity specially on platform-specific topics but unity is being updated with new tools and asset store is supporting special Utilities free or with low prices. there will be one question. will studios like naughty dog or santa-monica or Dice stick to their in-house engines or there will be time that they turn to such engines(specifically unity) for more simplicity and faster development. certainly study on specific hardware like ps4 or xbox can let you make better results about optimizations and quality but how much it is a priority. there are teams on these studios to always make new tools but can they be as good as and as fast as a company and a community that their job is to make tools?
  2. moeen k

    about GOAP

    simple question about goap. is goap just fsm without any hard-coded change-state conditions? in every condition just a planner code chooses serial of state changes instead of conditions?
  3. hi. im reading about utility AI and seems its best new approach for programming NPCs. there is not much resource about it. how it really works? defining some actions, some scoring parameters. give score to those actions in any defined interval and choose best scorer as chosen action. that's all? is there any best approach for coding that in c# or Unity?
  4. hi. i want to learn about team-working in game projects in different scales. for example how tasks are assigned to people, teams, groups etc. how outputs are merged to main project and... for example a team works on UI. a team on a certain cahracter with AI and animation a team on player controller .... is this something standard or is different from studio to studio??? some formula teams achieve or its and standard?
  5. i want to know, is there any standard or check list the every game for a platform should obey? for example having a button customization for a pc game or font or UI standards for and android game? are these standards written and accessible for all developers?
  6. hi. im using sqlite with unity and i use mono.data.sqlite library. it seems it uses some cached data. beacuse when i update my database, it seems still unity is reading old data. can anyone tell me what can be the problem?
  7. hi. im looking to generate all combinations of certain numbers or alphabets but as i search in internet, non of those algorithms work perfect. is there any method or algorithm that can do it well????
  8. my question was about performance, development process and....
  9. hi. im searching on tools to make online turn based game. i want to know what is cons and pros of each of them and MP developers prefer which one? thank you for helping
  10. as i search, it seems all computer transforms even movement are don by matrix multiplication as i can be done by a simple add or subtract. is there any reason for it?
  11. hi. in my project i prefer to make player put cellphone on his hear to simulate some talking or communication state. i want to know can i use phone talking speaker to play sound for player. thank you for helping.
  12. hi. i just need a simple functionality of qr code on my project but i have some problems about concepts. in my project i just need to scan the qr code and send it to the server and server return the data result based on that qr code. what now is in my my mind is to: read the qr code encode it to some string or binary version send it to server server should query the database based of this decoded data and send back the result therse some doubts about it. is qr a general standard and a qr code is unique in all apps in the world as its said that it can turn to links. for example a qr code can be read in every scanner apllication? there is a standard database for all qr codes or i just have to implement my own generator reader and encoder and just search the databased based on encoded data?
  13. hi. is there any good format or right template to write good resume to send for game studios? in general, how should i write it?
  14. hi. i have some questions about finding jobs in games. 1) what is the best way to find game companies in the world and know if they want staff(AAA game studios to Lower level game Studios)? is there any general public websites that most of companies and even indie teams get their human resources or people just have to search internet and check for companies website for that? 2) what is most important Abilities to get in AAA games Studios like (dice, naughty dog, etc)? as most AAA games studios work on their own game Engines an tools, it seems basic abilities like math and computer graphics fundamentals or AI algorithms are Importatnt and Resume and making games with engines like unity or Unreal is not much important to them as new employee should learn to work with new Tools. thank you for Answering
  15. i have an sms verification system. that verification code will be sent to user phone. i want to read it automatically and add it to a text field in Unity. how can i do that?
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