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  1. hi. as you know we have many style of games that need different multiplayer architecture and connection model. for example architecture for XO or chess game is different from clash royale and clash royale is differnt from clash of clans and them from call of duty. as im working on some new ideas, im just looking for standards or best practices. question is : is there any best practices or i just have go for R&D for my games? if there is best practice for turn based architecture, turn organization and .... can you give me references?
  2. im a c# programmer, also i want to learn c++ in advance. as i searched many different book, i couldnt find many aspects of c# in c++ in those books. features like event, delegate, property and... but we have pointers, references and templates in c++ i know c++ has many different distributions and different versions work on different platforms. but doesnt really c++ have those features? can you introduce me a reference(book or website) that helps me understand all advanced features of c++ specally for programming DX and OpenGL?
  3. thank you for answering my friends.i know games are developed with many different languages and many angines suport many languages but we all know c++ is most language near the hardware and gives lots of optimization responsiblity to developer. graphics APIs like DX and OPENGL officially are made to work with c++. graphics processing is based to with with c++. one big example is that microsoft tried to make DX for c# but they couldnt as c# base features. now we have rust with mentioned features. i want to know can it replace c++ with these optimization features? @frob
  4. Hi. i just hear alot these days about Rust language. it seems that it outperformes c++ and is faster than c++. its managed like c# and java and has not problem of memory allocation and management and has efficient Garbage collection system. there are some news that some studios prefer to start code on Rust and just use c++ for maintenance. like this: im just searching to see that is Rust worth learning for game development or not. as good replacement for c++ is there any plan to see gamedev Api,s like graphics API,s on Rust?
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