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  1. hi. as I say it in many implemenations and libraries in c# that there is a dot after a function nad it may have properties variables or functions like as I use like below in unity: SceneManager.GetActiveScene().name how it is implemented in a class and what is it?
  2. as its said in the book "theory of fun" games are all about learning. a game is still fun that still teaches new things to the player. but the problem is I cant really understand concept of learning in many games. for example what is learned in a shooter game? what is learned in a casual phone game that is all about smashing zombies and has abut a million downloads? is really learning most important aspect of great games?
  3. thanks my friends. these books are great. but what about level and environment design? is there any good reference for level design? thanks my friends. these books are great. but what about level and environment design? is there any good reference for level design?
  4. hi. I'm a programmer that I want to learn about game design fundamentals. as you may know there are lots of books that most of them teach the same thing. I want to know what are must to read and most important books that teach game design rules and fundamentals.
  5. what about using ntp for synchronization? does it work for real-time games?
  6. as I found out, the time on server is the referencing time. if you want to check for example when really player fired his gun we have to do some calculation based on server time and rtt or user ping. I this right? do we have exact rtt for every message? is this all we have to do for time synchronization in real-time games?
  7. thanks a lot for your answer but can you tell me why its required?
  8. hi. I have worked on turn based games but I just started a practice project on making real-time online game that there is possibility to turn to a publishable game. I want to know about how different types of data are updated through net. for example in a shooter game how player positions are updated? is it updated for every frame or amount of frames or just input is send to server? how aiming and shooting is implemented? for example just player shoots and raycasting is calculated on client side. if it was a hit result will be sent to server or other are other methods? how different pings and connection problems are handled? are these issues should be obtained by test and fail or there are standards for all types of games in game industry? is there any reference to handle these or other mis-counted issues that I said? thank you for helping
  9. hi. as you may know we have bool and Boolean in c# that work completely the same. or single and float accept same values with same range and....... is there any reason for it?
  10. nice answering. thanks a lot. it seems LLAPI is the right solution.
  11. thank you for your answer. I mean complete control of how and when to send and receive about low level. let me be more specific. I'm working on a side scroll shooter game. I think there can be 2 approach to code these games. sending commands like jumping shooting and.... in other point you can update variables. I think you mean of "don't need to transfer a lot of small bits of data really frequently" is to just send and receive commands. as I searched node js supports both tcp and udp and basically is real-time. what can be a good replacement of node on .net as I am a c# developer. its possible to use sockets but it can be a hard process as many things should be defined in sockets thank you.
  12. there are many different tools to make online-real time games on unity like photon, Unet and .... . they are good tools to make real-time games easier. but I need a low level tool to have more control of data transfer. as I worked previously with signalR and its a very simple framework its a nice tool for me to work with and its known as a realtime connection framework. but there are some doubts. signalR is built on http and http basically uses tcp for transfer layer. as we know udp is more appropriate for making real-time games as its a faster protocol. can you explain me can it be a good tool or not. thank you for helping
  13. I'm not sure u chose right place. if its wrong please change it. hi. I have 2 questions about google play services. 1) is there any restrictions or limitations for 25 dollar developer? for example in number of request sent to their cloud or number of players of in real time or turn based games? 2) as I know there is a file system that you can send bytes to be saved on google cloud as player progress or... in my game there is a lot of levels and for every levels there is some records and .... powerups, characters and so many other things. is it more standard to send and receive all at once as on file request or its better to choose many files on cloud?
  14. hi. I'm working on a paper that uses humen as ants to teach bots to choose paths like players. I use ACO to perform this as players move through paths add fromone to path some it adds probability of choosing same path for bots. but not exactly the same path. the point is to make bots path finding adaptive like players and not to find best path. the problem is I cant find any work like this for benchmark of my work. can you introduce a work like this to distinguish? thank you for helping.
  15. can you explain a bit more? I'm just saying : I'm working on a third person project. I have a crosshair in center I'm my camera and character with a gun in front of it. I want to simulate bullets instead of ray casting. so bullet that released with direction of camera hit where player aims with his crosshair. as character gun and camera are in different places,i think technically its not possible and developers use some trick to show bullets. like bullets just getting instantiating and game calculates result of raycast as aiming result. another question: I think you are one of this website managers. with new changes(I don't know what realy is- maybe google restrictions) I cant open website from iran and I'm using vpn. I hope solve the problem.
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