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  1. I'm not sure u chose right place. if its wrong please change it. hi. I have 2 questions about google play services. 1) is there any restrictions or limitations for 25 dollar developer? for example in number of request sent to their cloud or number of players of in real time or turn based games? 2) as I know there is a file system that you can send bytes to be saved on google cloud as player progress or... in my game there is a lot of levels and for every levels there is some records and .... powerups, characters and so many other things. is it more standard to send and receive all at once as on file request or its better to choose many files on cloud?
  2. hi. I'm working on a paper that uses humen as ants to teach bots to choose paths like players. I use ACO to perform this as players move through paths add fromone to path some it adds probability of choosing same path for bots. but not exactly the same path. the point is to make bots path finding adaptive like players and not to find best path. the problem is I cant find any work like this for benchmark of my work. can you introduce a work like this to distinguish? thank you for helping.
  3. can you explain a bit more? I'm just saying : I'm working on a third person project. I have a crosshair in center I'm my camera and character with a gun in front of it. I want to simulate bullets instead of ray casting. so bullet that released with direction of camera hit where player aims with his crosshair. as character gun and camera are in different places,i think technically its not possible and developers use some trick to show bullets. like bullets just getting instantiating and game calculates result of raycast as aiming result. another question: I think you are one of this website managers. with new changes(I don't know what realy is- maybe google restrictions) I cant open website from iran and I'm using vpn. I hope solve the problem.
  4. I think it has an standard solution for most of games but I don't know it. in many third person games I can really see the bullet came out of the gun but in most of tutorials I just see the gun just has a muzzle flash and bullet hit is raycasted from center of camera. how can I make a gun that is moving by many character animations move to same direction of screen HUD? I'm focusing on third person game butt I think issue is in fps games too. thank you for helping.
  5.   I just read google play services documentation on GitHub in https://github.com/playgameservices/play-games-plugin-for-unity but I think documentation is not practical for good implementation. can you give me some basic amount of code to show how it works? it seems it has a key value strcture and key is named metadata and value can be parsed from array of received bytes. thank you for helping me.
  6.   i think formula will lok like : 1/(100-D) because for example if distance of screen from eye is 10 meter. so it means if you want goal to be look like in 100 meter so goal have to be look like 90 meter distant. am I right?
  7. assume we have a box that measures length of it is about one meter. what is percepted size of it for someone looking to it at 100 meter distance? I'm working on a shooting project that I need to scale 2d hunting goal sprites to make them look from distance.
  8. OpenGL directx vs openGl

    as i searched a bit, mantle is implemented by AMD but after that AMD has helped kronos to make vulkan as a low overhead API with more controll over graphic card. its said API like GNM and GNMX and vulkan has coding style more like dx rather than opengl and vulkan supports many platforms like win lin and android. for some one in the middle of way of learning graphics proggraming, it seems better to concentrate more on directx. am i right?
  9. OpenGL directx vs openGl

    let me ask another question. there are some other available API,s like mantle and vulkan. what about them? are there replacements or additive stuff? is opengl being deprecated because of vulkan? is coding much the same or compeletly different? its said mantle has less overhead than both opengl and directx.  can you give some explanation?
  10. hi. I'm working on a game on unity that has levels. in every level player can collect coins and he or she can buy coins by IAB. I want to be able to save coins that collected in every level and summation of coins in all levels and those bought via IAB. when some new power bought, value of that will be subtracted from it. I want to know is it to be implemented on google services or I have to calculate all and send the last data too google cloud. I think its easy to cheat to let client calculate all of it.   thank you for helping. 
  11. just use gameObject.Right ​for example var bul= instantiate(bullet,gunMuzzle.transform.position,any rotation); bul.getComponent<rigidbody2d>().addForece(gun.right*200,forcemode.impulse);// if its a 2d game its a psudo code. remember: x: right y:up z:forward these are variables that return axis direction of every object
  12. hi. i dont know its the right place to ask my question but i want to know is it possible to pay google developer acount with virtual master cards or it is only possible with physical cards?   thank you for helping
  13. OpenGL directx vs openGl

    as i searched i found some interesting info on wikipedia:   The PlayStation 4 features two graphics APIs, a low level API named GNM and a high level API named GNMX. Most people start with the GNMX API which wraps around GNM and manages the more esoteric GPU details in a way that's a lot more familiar if users are used to platforms like Direct3D 11. The developers of The Crew put a lot of work into the move to the lower-level GNM, and in the process the tech team found out just how much work DirectX does in the background in terms of memory allocation and resource management.[8] Another key area of the game is its programmable pixel shaders.[8] Sony's own PlayStation Shader Language (PSSL) was introduced on the PlayStation 4.[9] It has been suggested[by whom?] that the PlayStation Shader Language is very similar indeed to the HLSL standard in DirectX 11, with just subtle differences that were eliminated for the most part through preprocessor macros
  14. OpenGL directx vs openGl

    PS4s contain a GPU, but doesn't support OpenGL natively.   its psgl but its said basically its some modification of opengl. portability is most obvois difference of dx and opengl. my question was mostly based on performance, quality and ease of use.
  15. i know there are a lot of topics in internet about which one is better or in which field which one is better, but i dont know the exact answer. i think these questions are mostly about exprience. and i want to know your exprience.   1) i read an article about valve engineers. it said opengl is faster than directx even on windows. is that true?   2) its said in directx programmer has more controll rather than opengl.   3) which one give better visuals about sahders or technology they use? is it make difference or that is all the same and depend only on programmer that work on them? what about built in effects, particles, lightening,... 4)as I searched in internet, there is no much difference between them, so why Microsoft introduced directx when there was opengl? or why is still developing it? a developer can use opengl for all platforms and forget pain of using a single platform api. 5) I see in engines like unity or unreal that says dx11 version or... it seems using new directx gives more important features. what are those features that can only be used on windows or xbox? are they just for editor or for last output game? 6) what is given in every update of those api,s? for example what is difference of dx10 and dx11? is this about new tools and functions or math or something else? so when in a graphic card is written it supports dx11 what does it mean? thank you for helping
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