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  1. Back to square one again
  2. It took me 3 hours to come up with a complete profile of a fictional character...
  3. RojanShrestha

    Murder Mystery 2D game - Requirement Analysis

    Thankyou, your effort is much appreciated
  4. Guys, I want your help in defining the requirements for my next 2D game. I am currently in the designing and story writing phase and your valuable input will be appreciated. Please fill out the form below, it will only take a couple of minutes. More detail is provided in the form. Form
  5. They say Love makes life wonderful but life taught me that you need to make life wonderful to get Love!!!
  6. I wish I wake up and find that it was all a dream... 'cause nothing seems to be working right now.....
  7. Every time I close my eyes... I feel like I'm going crazy!!!!!!
  8. There are somethings you can't return to... 'cause you let them slip away!!!
  9. Mass Effect 3:- Never had so much satisfaction in completing a video game!!!
  10. Sometimes!! resorting to extreme measure might be the only way out!!!
  11. No person does anything without a reason, sometimes its just not too obvious, and sometimes they don't want others to know.....
  12. Life's a bitch, so, if it's easy... you're doing it wrong!!!
  13. RojanShrestha

    Placing Classes in Separate Files

    Are you sure you're only getting 2 build errors? Firstly, the definition of your constructor takes no argument but your implementation is taking 2 arguments f and g..... Secondly, we don't define a class's member function inside its constructor... all the private and public parts should be in the class definition not the constructor. Thirdly, you are not providing any type to any of the variable used... in c++ there is no default type nor is it typeless like python... Ok!! so a working version of your code might be... character.h #ifndef CHARACTER_H #define CHARACTER_H class hieght { public: hieght(int f, int g); int GetHigh(); int GetLow(); void SetHigh(int h); void SetLow(int l); private: int low; int high; }; #endif // CHARACTER_H character.cpp#include <iostream> #include <string> #include "Character.h" using namespace std; hieght::hieght(int f, int g) // error is pointing here { setHigh(f); setLow(g); } void hieght::setHigh(int h) { high = h; } void hieght::setLow(int l) { low = l; } int hieght::GetLow() { return low; } int hieght::GetHigh() { return high; } }
  14. Every Valentine's Day makes me feel nostalgic!!!
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