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  1. Hello I want to use some tricks with lines and points, but unsure about their performance comparing to triangle rasterization. Never did tests, but noticed many times that depending from hardware (and perhaps drivers) these type of primitives may render very slow (similar to cpu transform performance) or at same speed as triangles. May be some of tests wasn't adopted for such rendering as visualisation was only for debugging purposes, but it's important for me now. Does anyone know something about this topic? PS: points and lines can't be replaced an easy, because i need to draw fast enough primitives which are one pixel thickness always.
  2. dummynull

    NVidia vendor hack "makefourcc NVCS"

    Guess it's some kind of new and unknown to public, as it used in TES Skyrim.
  3. Hello Can't find any information about NVCS texture format, but from Pix i see it's used in games and guess for getting depth buffer. How to use the same and how it works? Here is the log after most of scene rendering, but before drawing transparent objects which require depth texture (it's nvcs, but proper screen size, no textures or render targets were created of that format at startup): <0x0A483ED8> IDirect3DDevice9::CreateTexture(16, 1, 1, 0x00000200, Unknown format, D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, 0x0012F768 --> 0x348FD540, NULL) CreateObject(D3D9 Texture, 0x348FD540) CreateObject(D3D9 Surface, 0x348A1818) <0x0A483ED8> IDirect3DDevice9::GetRenderState(D3DRS_POINTSIZE, 0x0012F754) <0x0A483ED8> IDirect3DDevice9::SetRenderState(D3DRS_POINTSIZE, 13108852736.000f) <0x0A483ED8> IDirect3DDevice9::SetPixelShaderConstantI(0, 0x0012F6EC, 6) <0x0A483ED8> IDirect3DDevice9::SetRenderState(D3DRS_POINTSIZE, 0.000f) <0x348FD540> IDirect3DTexture9::Release() DestroyObject(D3D9 Texture, 0x348FD540) DestroyObject(D3D9 Surface, 0x348A1818) Thanks!
  4. This is the last post of mine. I don't wish to spend time for argue any more, no way to proove anything for peoples of other "relegion".
  5. samoth Uh, i see... you are really incompetent. Because you see breasts, pornography or whatever you want to see, but not indirect lighing. How in the hell material parameters made by artists related to my lighting (this is silk i suppose)? Is that so hard to understand that bright colors like red are the best for showing lighting and it is character lighting i show? Or, do you prefer boys? It doesn't matter what will be displayed on the screen, unless professional looking at it, you are not. There is nothing to talking about, there is no logic in your words and opinions. PS: set -100 to this post, i don't care about reputation system here or anywhere else, you are slaves of the abstract system.
  6. gsamour I don't know what you or anyone else here calling good quality of ao (realtime, any method, gi or other complex allowed) and what kind of objects or scene is correct to compare. Show me the screenshot how ao must looks like in final game and if this technique exist (dynamic objects at least). What it changes if i'll do photorealistic demo and developers ignore that the same way as now? Just show me what is right.
  7. Guys, i'm bored. When i came here to ask, expected something like this, but not such negative to me without any trust. How dare are you to tell me that i'm lier, bad and rude if you guys just trolling me? What actually do you want from me by saying all of that? I'm not the competitor, i'm not advertising, i wasn't angry. If someone making things better than others, is that bad? You are redicilous if it's like that. Proove me then that you can do better, otherwise shut up or just help me.
  8. kauna >What is the memory foot print for building of 50x50x50 meters? How long is the preprocess time? On the screens i showed earlier it was 2 megabytes and it's computed at distance about 500 meters around (more memory means greater detail of course). Additionally memory for textures required for bilateral filtering and post process texture, the same as ssao requirements. But for some situations it's better to make several computations, closer to camera, n*2mbytes. Preprocess doesn't exist, everything is realtime. >Practically, you are saying that SSAO or a variant is needed with your AO algorithm to handle small scale objects such as weapons? Yes, in general. It possible to make small size computations also (several size scale could be computed faster, like ssao with more smaller range sampling), but for better quality i should spend linear computation time for small objects, so it's about twice slower than for big and middle size objects (except filtering, it's constant, as in ssao, could be done in same pass with ssao filtering). Also i did good enough ssao (require normals, slower) as complex solution, but it doesn't matter and could be done by anyone after some reseach. Here is an examples of complex ssao i tried to mix (without now AO): [/url] Uploaded with [url="http://imageshack.us"]ImageShack.us [/url] SCREENSHOTS REMOVED Uploaded with [url="http://imageshack.us"]ImageShack.us These are even better with new AO together.
  9. Digitalfragment >- Performance can be drastically different to the point where its unusable on consoles because of differences in hardware architecture. Sorry, if i don't have devkit this doesn't mean i don't know about them. >- Non screenspace tricks don't scale nicely with scene complexity. Partially, depends from games/engines fx already implemented. Many games with depth rendering (deffered or separate prepass) will work fine at no cost for non screenspace calculations. >-Does your trick rely on lots of preprocessing? Then its useless for anyone that wants dynamic scenes. No, even animated characters(actors) working fine. Haven't i said that already? >- Does it add a crazy amount of overhead memory or CPU/GPU time per vertex? Then its a hard sell, as thats why we all moved to SSAO instead of topological AO solutions. No. >- Is it just a signed distance field inside of a volume texture? That's nothing new, and its a crazy assed amount of overhead by the size of the object, which is worse than per vertex. No. It's not and no overhead like that. The size i used allow to lit good buildings up to 50*50*50 meters of size and small objects like cars, peoples. Objects like guns are too small, so better to combine with other methods. bwhiting >how bout a demo (one you dont even have to share) Job is the obstacle, can't learn different engine api fast enough and i'd like to sale this as fast as possible, not advertise several months, better to spend that time for other work, not abstract profit. Don't know, may be athoring software like Virtools let me do this faster, i'll check out.
  10. Ha-ha-ha, -2 for my post with comics are showing the truth. Rest in peace, graphics programmers, you are absolutely incompetent, all you can do is just to multiply matrix and vectors. You are dead already, the appendage of computers, nothing more. Graphics of Crysis 2, Unreal engine dx11 - all deep throat sucks. God bless japanese developers.
  11. Hangman Ok, understood. There are no ways, nobody interesting. Last years i was unsure about correct choice to be graphic programmer, now it's clear that better to change specialisation, all game graphics is on the edge without future, dx11, 12, 13 won't help here. Well, i'll ask producer and manager today what about of making same kind visual fx as other modern games, if it's enough for most successful companies. Good luck everyone, and good work.
  12. So, who set -1 to my previous post? Does the truth hard so much? Or you just blind/daltonic winapi gui programmer? I hate everyone who makes "next-gen" graphics of green, yellow and brown colors with crasy amount of bloom and hdr(oh yeah, hdr for games is the separate topic). Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. [/url]SCREENSHOT REMOVED Uploaded with [url="http://imageshack.us"]ImageShack.us David Neubelt If you don't know what look at, then you don't need AO at all, nothing to talking about. Digitalfragment >Not really interested in the AO at all after seeing those as far as quality is concerned. For any interest, it would have to be proven to be faster than most other AO implementions and have zero impact on artist workflow/pipeline. Also, you're not likely to get an interest from other developers by your attidude Why should i proove here something? I told that already, it's faster, it's not ssao. Digitalfragment >Have you heard about the"Not Invented here" syndrome? No, but thanks, now i know how stupid developers are. It's all about money, graphics is first attraction for gamers, if the company doen't like to use modern hi-tech things, it's doomed and only casual gaming is the last chance to live. You think otherwise? Proove then, why almost all developers spending most of the budged for graphics (hq models and textures included)? >Anyway, as David said, you should try to explain each of those images you posted. What to explain if nobody see it? It's final result of all effects applied. There are many games where you can see "default" graphics without ao. Are you searching for the black lines on the edges like in Crysis or what? Have a look at the car and buildings here http://www.youtube.c...h?v=fxpOdLyBqE8 may be CryEngine is your favorite, but it sucks against my screenshots (SCREENSHOTS REMOVED). If it's really sooo hard to find out where lighting is, look under the balcony of the right-center image, the walls darkened by nearest trees (right-to, left borrom images), the huge wall and ground on the right-bottom image. Changes on cars noone can see, who asking "where to look at". It's very fun for me to listen about my incompetence, ha-ha.
  14. This is not funny. I'm registered again here recently to post absolutely anonymously without any chance to track my work, because, as i told, it's publicily known, but only few guys know what is behind that PC game. I can't show video or screenshots without pointing indirectly where to search for. Ok, i understood, that at least screenshots and videos from separate demo must to be created for safety, but it's not the reason to laugh. I have work to do instead of spending time for middleware development, advertisement and sale (and i'm bad in everything money related). About Crysis 2, Unreal 3 - they are unrealistic in all demos and screenshots i seen, at least because of wrong post processing, bad variables and texture factors for shading, ugly ssao. Jason Z Ok, i'll try now to find any suitable screenshot, publish it here in nearest time
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