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  1. Same as Jack, cannot find the source code
  2. Hello, I’m writing research paper on software rasterization algorithms and at one point I gave example of triangle rasterization algorithm. The algorithm is really basic. If the triangle is flat top or flat bottom it’s possible to determine the minimum and the maximum x values for each scan line using the equation of line for the edges. Then for each scan line fill the pixels between minimum x and maximum x values. If the triangle is of other kind it’s possible to split it to flat top and flat bottom triangles (finding the fourth vertex) and draw it using the previous algorithm. I need to cite a reference for this algorithm. I saw it in some book in the ‘90s and I can’t just write it without a reference. The problem is that I can’t remember where I saw it. I already tried to look at “Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice” but the only similar algorithm there is the polygon rasterization algorithm, which is over engineered for this kind of problem, same with "Computer Graphics: C Version". I also tried to look at “Black Art of 3D Game Programming”, which have similar algorithm but the algorithm that I saw was in another book and slightly different. Anyone know a book with this kind of algorithm? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. There's something about this article that makes me think of pizza... :)
  4. tonemgub

    Why Games Don't Have to be Good Anymore

    Erm... number of bugs reported by users going unfixed even after the umpteenth patch, and the level of stress in players' (or should I say lab rats') posts on game's forums?   Keeping track of this could be simplified by adding a "bugs" section where users can report bugs instead of the forums, and from there it's just adding a progress bar somewhere, showing the number of fixed bugs vs. non-fixed ones, also possibly showing the quality of a game in the game's page, as a simple (number of reported unfixed bugs)/(time since game was released) ratio - this has been done before  (see github for example). Also, a thumbs up/down system wouldn't hurt (see sourceforge)...
  5. tonemgub


    Mario characters.
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