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  1. I feel your question is malformed or it would be better with a minimum example. One thing that was a game changer for me with these types of issues was to adapt to a precompiled header project configuration. Then I was no longer thinking what headers to include in a new class module, things were just there. Just a thought.
  2. GoliathForge

    Frogger - programming day 2

    LOL..dang. I was thinking a perspective camera was going to be weird for this but that looks really good.
  3. From a hardcore hobby perspective, one of my difficulties is writing reusable game play code. Its easier with engine code but to be able to just pull behavior from a previous project with out heavy modification is rewarding. On the art side, my weakness is in concepting. When a base look has been established, then the wheel just turns.
  4. I'm curious...what if you set the debug version of multi threaded library switch in project properties release configuration. Does it still 'stop working'? Might narrow down what's going on here.
  5. Texture maps are built from the high poly version using the texture coords of the low poly version. During the transfer, the two mesh geometries are positioned on top of each other and the software shoots rays from the low poly and records the hit information on the high poly. The maps generated are usually ambient occlusion, per texel normals, displacement and even diffuse can be pulled from the materials. These are for the more advanced lighting models, while the approach you took is also perfectly valid for simpler lighting models such as vertex normal shading as apposed to per pixel lighting where the extra map information is used or for a modern pbr workflow. Edit: For me, blender is all I need. Especially after an improved paint interface (still not perfect) and dynamic tessellation. I picked up blender at the tail end of version 2.49 and before that I was a Maya user.
  6. GoliathForge

    2D Game Programmer Required

    Hello, very clean and appealing art style. There's 'hit the ground running' potential here. The questions I'm asking in my head are, the considered target devices ('kinda a biggie), audience, genre and brief game mechanic descriptions. At which point a better decision can be made by the programmer on what tech to use. It's difficult to find the right people, skill is barely half of it if human compatibility tensions are present. I believe you would get the best exposure by talking about your hobby game in public. (The site blogs here are good for that) Entice a programmer with an interesting game mechanic, show me at least one of the main characters. Sell it a little more. Show me why I really want to be a part of this. Show me your passion is rock solid. Hobby projects come and go...so there is a wind of caution that may disguise itself as no interest from the community you're reaching out to. Your art is pretty good, take it slow and steady.
  7. GoliathForge

    i need help in unity

    Have you considered a 'freeze rotation' on your balls rigidbody component.
  8. Yes, better with every attempt. When you're doing this, think like a musician. That last sample, in the beginning you're hitting the notes on good time and ringing clear. At the end a little lazy. Try to hold it up there all the way to the end. Its easier to smear in post than it is to repair.
  9. I'm thinking bump up the playback speed a touch on a cleaned up sample and see how that feels. Because you're so bass-ie there's quite a bit of ceiling. This is also good being that it wouldn't take much to shift it to really dark boss like.
  10. GoliathForge

    Suggestion for choosing challenges

    is a cheat or pre make deterrent as to not nullify the challenge duration contract. lol... I would argue that the list should be quite large and one new one pushed for every one poped. That could add new flavor to potentials and still keep it a mystery. Epic Ninja Coder.
  11. GoliathForge

    Suggestion for choosing challenges

    There's quite a bit of complication in the grab bag idea for certain. I feel it would be a lot to ask from the web gurus here to implement. If this direction was desired, the community would have to self manage until site functionality could trickle in based on what worked. Or so I would imagine. back on topic, I for one am still curious for other challenge ideas even if they seem way out there or weird to broaden this discussion.
  12. GoliathForge

    Suggestion for choosing challenges

    Oh, this is still cool. Seems sane to stick with the Atari 2600 game list as a base plus the above, gives more than enough poll options. Still, something feels missing, something that brings artists, sound wizards and coders together for these short term runs. Some sort of mechanism that allows asset insertion into a grab bag as perhaps a side activity while contestants were banging out code. On the flip side, a challenge related asset request path to the community with the thought that non contestants were interested in a form of participation.
  13. TConstDatatype TConstPrimitiveType TConstBasicType
  14. GoliathForge

    My Current Game Design Project

    This is really cool. An option that doesn't require redoing keyframes and timings could be to mix in animation aticipation at runtime. Not on every action but only on changed action. An added subtile layer that can clue the opposing player of the hurt that is about to happen and also double as a transition effect smoothing out or to emphasize. Something like this could take you to the next level of quality refinement. I like the 'create your own combo' concept, agreed the buffered behavior actually seems like a nice button mashing penalty. I'd say its okay to drop the older buffer objects after so many where the human memory starts bluring, say after four to six and still feel the penalty.
  15. GoliathForge

    This Week in Game-Guru - 09/17/18

    This probably comes real close to misuse of the site facilities. There is a store here also.
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