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  1. GoliathForge

    This Week in Game-Guru - 09/17/18

    This probably comes real close to misuse of the site facilities. There is a store here also.
  2. GoliathForge

    sprite sheet

    Filtering refers to code in your LoadGLTextures function. You set the texture parameters toward the end with your two glTexParameteri calls. Refer to this official wiki document for details.
  3. GoliathForge

    Can Somebody Make Me A Game?

    That is dark... Is it just me or have we seen this idea previously presented in the last year or two. Feels familiar.
  4. GoliathForge

    On Politics Threads and the GameDev.net Community

    Down voting because of too much shite directed at a sole individual who could be considered a virtual victim in this case and very little towards community betterment goals.
  5. GoliathForge

    On Politics Threads and the GameDev.net Community

    This is already going the wrong way. To me, thread topic is not the problem here, but the abuse of the rating systrm, which by the way had moderator participation last I checked.
  6. GoliathForge

    Making an interactive hud

    well, perhaps...the two arrow indicators are a group that inherit the position of the ball as a pivot with initial rotation of the paddle normal when activate. The lower arrow moves relative position on a flattened cosine arc (-halfPi -> halfPi) scaled to paddle edge to edge position and maintains orientation to the original group normal. So there are some variables you'll want to track and get fed per frame, get one tiny piece working at any given iteration and build on top of that. Given the short answer, does that spark something more in depth? Neat little gizmo.
  7. that's cool...and/or right after a good hit, that small window of time opens up, the guy taking the beating is shaking off the last blow briefly and an opportunity to double damage or worse becomes possible. Anything that adds layers of interaction that aren't available from the base punch or kick.
  8. GoliathForge

    My question about my fighting game protagonists

    probably the safer bet... Although the rogue nun and whipping jester makes a dangerous (and bad ass bold) statement that a certain society may react to unfavorably (or not). Getting some demographic stats on your target audience might be advised or at least considered from that point of view before finalizing your designs. Then swing back around and make sure your not offending outside your audience, which is probably worse because they weren't into you in the first place. +1 for the first option here. That good and evil twist with the stinger backup, I'd almost say is genius. Some of these discussions I'm surprised were allowed to remain in Game Design and Theory and it's difficult to stay on that focus.
  9. GoliathForge

    Help in Naming my Games.

    Oliver Notch googles clean.
  10. GoliathForge


    Album for Sandbox_console
  11. GoliathForge


    Source code and project template. No longer in development in favor of modern rendering interfaces, but serves as a decent fixed pipe example. Demo includes an old take on pong/air hockey. Source Code Repository
  12. GoliathForge

    Professional 2D Artist For hire

    Stunning. Very hyper-real.
  13. GoliathForge

    a skeleton application

    I think the easiest way to get into directx programming is with the DirectXTK, especially if coming from XNA/Monogame because of the method naming and workflow similarities. The entire library is not required. You can break it up and only use pieces if you desire. Currently, I'm using DirectX::SpriteBatch and DirectX::SimpleMath. Here is the getting started page where a VisualStudio project template can be installed to produce your starter files automatically.
  14. I'd have to ask you to define 'the gaming experience' here. We can have sci-fi punk with that screech to a halt slap stick comedy where it's okay to have a pimpin' dinosaur with bling on every claw ready to throw down. But if we're defining 'the experience' as something else then perhaps not. Trying to stay on topic, have you made notes on what 'experiences' you want a player to take away from playing your scifi fighter. What makes it fun. Break those into smaller pieces, then we'd be asking different questions and digging in.
  15. I'm thinking, a younger, on the slender side but scrappy (hardened by the street) mini gangsta but sports those big cylinder shaped goggles perched on his forehead just above the brow. A tinker-er mechanic type. umm...lol...left arm mechanical. Has a backpack of load outs that change the function of the mechanical limb. Ah, and spring heels for that mega jump action. How we doing? edit: so visual appearance aside, from your current character line up, can you speak of their history. Do each have a story? or are they just fancy icons with glitter.
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