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    Newb Questions

    Assuming you want to make a simple game using HTML and Javascript, is there any reason you can't do it locally on your own computer, instead of going out and buying a domain name and setting up a website? For a basic game, you probably won't need much more than a browser to run it.
  2. WillTice

    Switch or Not?

    As others have said, if you're bored then you need to do some brainstorming. What kind of game do you want to make? Pick a game idea and make it. If you're worried about not learning anything new, don't worry. You'll learn as you make games.   At this point, switching languages will only set you back if you have nothing you want to make with them.
  3. WillTice

    Scrolling Horror

    public void scrollUp() { if (scroll_index <= 0) return; scroll_index--; refreshContentsPosition(); } public void scrollDown() { if (scroll_index >= contents.Count() + (2 * 6) - 12) return; //todo: make sure this is the correct index, once you add more levels. scroll_index++; refreshContentsPosition(); }   The code speaks for itself. Obviously, upon review, it was not the correct index.   Dunno what came over me when I wrote that.
  4. WillTice

    Coding Style: Curly Braces

    bool f1() { //... } bool f2() { //... } bool f3() { //... } if(f1()) { if(f2()) { if(f3()) { //... } } }   To me, this is the clearest way. Why waste a line, when it's clear that if you have proper indentation, the close bracket will always align with the statement that opens it?
  5. WillTice

    transition from 2d to 3d

    It's not quite that simple...   From the MonoGame website:     system requirements FOR DEVELOPMENT iOS - Mac OS X, MonoTouch, MonoDevelop Android - Mac OS X or Windows, Mono for Android, Mono Develop or Visual Studio MacOS X - Mac OS X , MonoMac, OpenTK, MonoDevelop Windows - Windows, Mono, OpenTK, MonoDevelop or Visual Studio Linux - Linux, Mono, OpenTK, MonoDevelop To develop a game for iOS and Mac, you'd need a Mac. To develop a game for iOS or Android, you need MonoTouch or Mono for Android, products from Xamarin that cost an arm and a leg. It's not really a "suddenly your game can run everywhere" sort of thing, unfortunately.
  6.   I don't think anyone is going to hold your hand and give you a bunch of code, either here or on the Allegro forums. You need to make some effort to understand the concepts yourself and at least attempt to solve the problem.   If you're interested in learning, I found a couple interesting posts about entity-component-systems. http://cowboyprogramming.com/2007/01/05/evolve-your-heirachy/ http://www.chris-granger.com/2012/12/11/anatomy-of-a-knockout/
  7. WillTice

    2D scrolling game

    Move the player, and then move the camera to the same position. Then when you draw, draw everything at an offset based on the camera's position.
  8. WillTice

    Need some motivation

    If you're looking for a jump-start to your motivation, go watch Indie Game: The Movie. I watched about 30 minutes and then got off the couch and started working again, because it was so damn inspiring!
  9. WillTice

    Clashing Enemies

    Circle vs circle collision resolution is easy. If you know two circles intersect, you can resolve based on the difference of their radii. Resolution direction is simply the vector from the center of one circle to the other.   That should be enough to get you started!
  10. WillTice

    Ooops... XNA is dead?!.

    You can often apply the skills you learn using one technology to other situations using similar technologies. It's still going to be useful for you.
  11. Something like that. In the long run, what you really want is- foreach (Something s in everythingList) s.draw(); Ideally, "Something" should be a Sprite, GameObject... whatever you're working with. Add all your game objects to a list, and draw them all.
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