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  1. Yes. Compilations which are 10 times more long. Debugging sessions which are awfully slow, and which can have no backtrace. 😁 mingw is (should be) the first target when porting a program from Linux to Windows. It is completely free, does not require Visual Studio, so does not require the VS runtime. And it allows couples of IDE to work with (as k3z4 mentioned). You can also do cross-compiling. Also, most Linux programs (and libraries) have their packages ported to mingw. And when they are not, this is generally not a big deal to compile them.
  2. _Silence_

    FrameBuffer / Multi light

    What vinterberg told is what should be done when doing deferred rendering with many lights. You'll however have to optimize a lot in order to avoid to compute where a light does not cast and adapt your shader.
  3. _Silence_

    FrameBuffer / Multi light

    This is just a tutorial, meaning that the purpose is only to show how to do some particular technics. Why not sending an uniform to GL that will represent the number of active lights in your current scene ?
  4. I might have been wrong here. But actually and Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entity–component–system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Composition_over_inheritance
  5. _Silence_

    different formats for glsl color

    Read this. Your draw buffer input must correspond to your fragment shader output type.
  6. You might also be interested in this recent article.
  7. ECS is an architectural pattern which follows composition over inheritance principles. And as such this is an object-oriented design.
  8. Yes. As specified by the specification I gave as the first link in my previous post, in the "Additions to the WGL Specification", the given value is a minimum criteria, meaning that the driver is free to give you more. If you queried the value, GL would have returned you a non-zero value.
  9. From what I know this is in order to enable alpha blending. So, if I'm not wrong, if you need it, set it, otherwise you should not care about it. More information here and probably here. But since nowadays the main window is just made in order to have a window, and usual drawings happen in FBOs, this looks outdated to me.
  10. Nothing prevents the programmer to develop on a normal computer and to only run the tests / debugging on raspberry. Testing and debugging could be easily done with gdb (or xgdb) while the development could be done using usual IDEs (anything the OP is used to use). Also, a virtual machine could help in there in order to ease the development (see for example this link) and debugging sessions.
  11. _Silence_

    Moving to Game Programming industry

    Well yes. You are probably right. I must admit I don't really know the German game industry except for Far Cry and Crisis. With known for its gaming industry, I was mainly meaning countries with a background and wide possibilities to hire. So I believe USA is the first, followed by Japan, Canada, then France and GB. And from my understanding, which can be wrong, game programmers will have more chance in East Europe, like in Estonia or Ukraine than in Germany. Again I can be wrong. Just talking from my own experience where I never had proposition neither found any job offers in Germany except for Crytek but had several possibilities in East Europe. No you should not stop your work for that purpose. I was not precise enough. I was meaning doing it after work, during your transport from/to work if possible (like I did). And to conclude from what I could give to you, you are the only one who has the keys. Here people could tell you that whether this is a bad dream or whether you have chances to succeed. Now you know you have.
  12. _Silence_

    Moving to Game Programming industry

    I guess frob told it all. But I suppose having comments from people who already did it should help and shed some lights to people wanting to do it like this. I am not that kind of people, but would like to tell my two cents. To give an accent to what frob told, I was recently proposed a job in the game industry as a back-end developer, but I was not using the same technologies than what they proposed. So there were no "perfect match" as they say nowadays. I also quite recently was asked if I was interested in entering the game industry in some specific region of the world. But since at this time I was 100% focused on some other region, I kindly refused. So there are possibilities. But you need to work hard and focus on what you would like to do in the game industry (3D programming, front-end programming, back-end programming...), make a good portfolio and once you feel ready, start to spam recruiters, companies and job-oriented websites. Don't be afraid to spend some years in order to reach a decent level prior any applications. You'll of course never reach what frob was talking about since you are alone, but personal projects matter a lot. Don't be afraid to leave Germany which is not a country known for its gaming industry (except maybe Cry Engine), I will soon leave my birth country with my family. It can be a bit stressing, but if this is for what you really want to do, then do it better than feeding regrets. And for some other information I'm more old that you two (first posters) and had some possibilities. So I believe there's no way you can't achieve this.
  13. _Silence_

    Material values, blinn phong

    Check this. It is small though. There were many. Most modelers should provide such bank/libraries. I remember 3D Studio Max had, and could also import some. Blender should do the same.
  14. I remember this article on gamedev. You might wish to consider his approach where the author explained why he choose shadow volumes instead. The key here will be to check if all the SV calculations will be more cheap than rendering (even partly) a scene twice. And I believe so since the silhouette edges could be pre-computed from what you wrote.
  15. I don't know where he lives, but here in France, this is the same than him. No companies will have a look at you if you don't have a decent degree (at least a bachelor). And with a bachelor you'll mainly do boring tasks. You need a master degree to currently reach "good" jobs. I was facing that before going back to studies. And even after a good amount of experience, the degree is always one of the first questions employers will ask you. Maybe if you have 20 years of experience then the employer will "forgive" you not having done any good studies. I remember having made some applications for England. And even there, the studies were relevant. And they even wanted to know each of the subjects you studied for all the 5 years when you was undergraduate, things French employers commonly do not take about. USA and probably Canada might be the only countries where companies will give a chance to someone which hasn't fulfilled a decent degree, at least from my own experience. And I currently wonder if most companies still think like this: in most applications I did, I was asked about my diploma. And just as a question: I believe here most of us know how to multiply a matrix, knows that a 4*4 matrix can do "most 3D transforms". But who knows why ? Who can tell the theory of matrices ? It is the same for quaternions, we know how to use them, but most of us do not know the complete theory behind them. But for sure knowing if and how to apply internal or external laws could help when reading some papers or books
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