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  1. Since you don't have any GL errors, you most probably don't exceed any max elements in the vertex arrays or size in the buffers. I could find that reducing the chunks could help someone (see here). This would look weird to me, just like a broken GL implementation since you seem not to have any errors reported. If this does not solve your problem, the issue can still come from many other things. And I advise to put far more information, and maybe some code (a little demo that reproduces the issue would also help, people could test it and check if they have the same problem).
  2. Hard to tell like this. It might be a depth issue. What projection matrix do you use ? How far are these triangles from the view point ? Any errors reported by GLES maybe ?
  3. I'm with Firefox ESR 52.2.0 (32 bits) on Windows 10 PRO. Just checked again and still have the issue. I also now have another weird issue (only looking). The programming sub-menu is now lying far from its parent Forums menu
  4. Hello, the new version can be disturbing at first glance... Changing the nicknames back to what it was prior the upgrade is not easy. And despite of the fact that it tells that I already did it recently, the change happened anyway and fortunately Most links in the menu don't work: Click on forums, then programming, the website is searching for a page, but doesn't change anything. To see all forums, we are obliged to click on Forums, then all forums. I guess it would have been best just to click on the main Forums menu just like for Blogs for example. Reputation seems down (or maybe it work in another new way now). Forum listing is not sorted anymore (maybe this was made on purpose). Even when I don't have any ad blockers, I can see at the bottom of some pages a warning about me using blockers. One other thing. Some reply number might be wrong. For example, I made a reply on this thread, but when listing it from its parent forum, it says 0 replies.