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  1. RT @GizmoSDK: Congrats :D But please, give her a chance for a normal life, too XD || Oh alright, I suppose. *pout*
  2. Mind = Blown of the day: http://t.co/9PwzHHRV "Billions of Habitable Earths"
  3. Also, I released a new level called "The Loading Dock" that picks up where the demo level leaves off.
  4. v1.3.5a is now available! Changes: New gradient FOV "Shadow" which is much nicer on the eyes. New enemy by Sidney Durant that replaces the green placeholders. Due to "Sticky Keys" issues, the controls have been switched to E for use and Space for fire. I've also released a new level called "The Loading Dock" that picks up where the demo level leaves off.
  5. Also, I'm working on adding some gradient to the FOV "Shadow" in #Dread. Early test conclusion: Not quite right yet http://t.co/R3o4hpji
  6. I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/IOyNPetb RDF Live Stream Episode 13 - Fixing, Copying, Programming, a
  7. Thanks! The FOV cone is not a flashlight per se, but more a limitation that forces you to only be able to see what the character would be able to see. I do intend to add some dynamic lighting to the game as well, so that there can be flashlight sequences, flickering lights, etc... An idea came up elsewhere to have depoyable "security cameras" that would allow areas to remain visible even if you cannot directly see them. I'm working on a way to integrate that into the existing system.
  8. I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/alZHh1cx Dread 7 Seg Display - A tribute to RDF
  9. Sent out an optional update for #Dread today. Fixed a bug, added fullscreen/windowed toggle, and a "Check for updates" option
  10. The next version of #Dread is now available! A little later than I hoped, but a lot more stable! http://t.co/TbJL3mqz
  11. Version 1.3.4a is now available. I've added several features that were suggested by various players, and I've redone the included level (it now has a different ending)
  12. The next build of Dread is on track for release this Friday!
  13. Not only did I grab 2 booths at #OPN5, but they're right next to each other. Whatever I did to get that kind of karma was totally worth it
  14. Really enjoying the game dev section of #stackexchange. http://t.co/tmjPWWHq So many people after my own heart!
  15. And now that it is 1am, he is wondering why he is talking to himself in 3rd person
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