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  1. Nice.. better .. better .. more better.. more.. MAOR.. and it's an overkill :( #StoryOfMyLife
  2. this is interesting videogames info since 1975 http://t.co/VHbYHvww
  3. Wonder why some names came out different in different languages? Like Aristotle is Arastu and Egypt is Misr, Greece is Unaan in Hindi
  4. As a kid, this game was impossible for me - Spartan-X. Equivalent to the present day The Impossible Game. http://t.co/q8c6XAv7
  5. Terry Gilliam explains how he does it. I love the rapid prototyping http://t.co/m2YwGhh1
  6. PHP code is the hardest to read. Or maybe I'm using the wrong tools, which is the text editor.
  7. C++ pointer strangeness

    You can just try is yourself by printing the pointers and everything should be clear: [CODE]printf("BEF: %p\n",reversed); reversed = new char[strlen(src)+1]; printf("AFT: %p\n",reversed);[/CODE] and in main() [CODE]printf("START: %p\n",reversed); reverseString(original, reversed); //reversed should be assigned in here printf("END: %p\n",reversed);[/CODE] On my machine it prints something this: [CODE]START: 0x0 BEF: 0x0 AFT: 0x7fdc68c000e0 END: 0x0[/CODE] And now read the answers posted above
  8. The basics of the GLKMath_cpp wrapper are done. Now comes the hard part - The UnitTesting https://t.co/UzbUkGC6
  9. and this time I'll use JavaScript not C++, or maybe emscripten
  10. Wow! the app got approved in first attempt. This looks like a great beginning :D
  11. I updated the long forgotten dev log http://t.co/LhWuD4lv #CapturePath
  12. The biggest benefit of coding at standing desk I've felt so far is that, you can actually dance when the code compiles with 0 warnings.
  13. OK that bug was strange, two xibs in the project with same name, and were getting initialized at each alternate run, but why not random?
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