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  1. abnormal

    'to do' lists

    I like OneNote too, but only for the very ruff stuff and not as much for coding. Nothing is as useful as a simple TODO.txt text file with a list of TODO and OK items. I tried like 500 different TODO programs and even wrote 2-3 myself, but they all suck. It takes 3 times as much time just to enter a simple entry or to make a nice tree structure. I also like copy+pasting stuff around like crazy, I refactoring my TODO list a lot and it can change a lot in just one day (50 new entries are nothing special). Very simple TODO lists (like almost all programs in this thread mentinoed) are usually really worthless because you have no advantages over a txt file and you lose all the searching, refactoring and copy+paste features. It also takes even more time to add new entries than just to type them down (you have to enter the content of the entry anyways). Anyways, there are a ton of new Web 2.0 Todolist websites, which have nice ideas and sound cool, but after using them for a while, I always return back to my simple TODO.txt list. http://www.rememberthemilk.com/ http://www.tadalist.com/ http://www.flexlists.com/ and many more ...
  2. abnormal

    [.net] XNA or MDX?

    XNA is great for 2d games and in the current release stable enough to quickly develop a 2d game. For 3D releated stuff you should propably wait for the next release of XNA Game Studio (next month or so), which includes the content pipeline, support for .x and .fbx models, many new features and some new cool starter kits. MDX 1 is nice too, but there were not any major changes since August 2005 and I guess it will not be improved in the future anymore. So if you use XNA thats the right choice for the future :)
  3. abnormal

    CSGL Examples

    The reason is no one implemented the c# code for that "some" tutorial (be more vague pls). You can do the same stuff with c# or pascal or basic in opengl than with c++ and opengl.
  4. abnormal

    [.net] Deploying .net apps?

    Deploying the latest .NET framework (if not supported yet by the OS) can be compared with the latest DirectX version, which has to be installed by the game too, if the OS does not have it yet.
  5. Quote:Original post by smitty1276 You can write for the XNA framework in ANY managed language. The Game Studio Express product, however, will only integrate with Visual C#, and this is necessary to get running on the XB360 when that time comes. There is nothing, however, keeping you from writing your game in, say... Lisp.NET... and doing the final build in VC#. To my knowledge, anyway. Thats correct, you can write XNA in any language you like as long as it is .NET. There are a couple of examples in the XNA Framework Forum. About the topic: C# is going to beat c++ in the long run, but don't expect this to happen over night. The reason for this is the same reason why we don't type in 00101010 or code assembler anymore, its just more comfortable in c, and c++ is easier to manage than c and so on. C# and .NET are already around for 4-5 years (including the early betas in 2001) and not many game developers have jumped on .NET (but very many business companies work with .NET or Java for a long time now). This is not very typical for game developers, usually they are at the cutting edge for new languages, scripting language, adding language features, newest trends, hardware and technology. Not so for JAVA or .NET ... And code execution speed was never a real reason. Thats just some trolls in this forum who don't have anything better to say. Both JAVAs and .NETs main faults is the very bad support for game developers in the past, no direct support for OpenGL or DirectX or any other important library or just plugging in existing code. This has changed somewhat with Managed DirectX, but Microsoft did not put much resources into that project. Hopefully with XNA and the future Versions of DirectX, .NET 3.0 and so on this will change.
  6. abnormal

    [.net] 3dsMax plugin with .NET?

    Not really. In the future maybe, but last time I checked (3dsmax8 sdk) there wasn't much support for .NET, all the exporters and plugins are written in c++. Your other options are: - Exporting into an existing format like Collada or IGame Xml and then just write a own convertion tool or import it directly into your game. - Use Max Scripts, easier to write than c++ and quite powerful But if you need in-depth 3dsmax stuff you have to write a c++ plugin.
  7. Just try out sleeping for 0 ms, this gives the OS the chance to check if there are any other processes currently needing some time or else go back to your program. Usually the CPU load goes also down ... At least for windowed programs this makes sense, if you have a fullscreen game, why not use 100% of the CPU power like others mentioned before? Thats how games work ^^
  8. abnormal

    limitations of panda exporter

    what about fx settings? does your exporter support that? collada, xml, etc. do all no export fx settings AT ALL (they say the do, but you always get empty settings). the panda exporter does at least work ^^ for any bigger project I would suggest writing your own exporter or just use collada (easiest format to import into your engine) and live with the missing features ^^
  9. abnormal

    limitations of panda exporter

    Here are some settings I used for my www.RocketCommander.com project: + means check this option, - means deactivate this option Pandasofts DirectX Exporter - Options: =============================================== 3DS MAX Objects: ---------------- +Mesh definition +Materials -Inline +Include animations (if we have any) -Bones (or activate if we have bones, currently not supported by a lot of stuff) Optimize mesh: None +Geometric -Dummy +Mesh normals -Flip normals +Mapping coordinates -Vertex colors [-Use local object space] Animation: ---------- Use Matrix and 3DS Max ticks with default Sampling Rate of 30. Texture conversion: ------------------- Just use None. If using shader effects, active both Include .fx file and Include .fx parameters X File Settings: ---------------- File Type: Binary Dx Frame: Do NOT use No Frames if you want animations! Use Top frame if not animated at all. Else use Sub frame hierachy for animated stuff with connected meshes and stuff. +Left handed axis (if you using the default DirectX left handed mode) -Include Animation options (not required right now) Other tips: ----------- Don't save x file with: - DX Frame set to "None" when Local World Space is activated because no scaling, etc. will happen. MeshViewer and FX Composer won't display anything (works in engine, but causes problems too). - Flipped normals or right hand coord. system - Don't use Vertex colors, not used by any shader anyways General Panda exporter tips (make sure materials and meshes are named correct, etc.): http://www.andytather.co.uk/Panda/directxmax_help.aspx Hope that helps ...
  10. abnormal

    Making movies of your games

    Most capture programs cost money, some good ones are Camtasia, Captivate and Fraps. I sugguest you try out the Fraps demo (has some time limit, 1 minute or so), maybe it is sufficiant. http://www.fraps.com/
  11. abnormal


    I'm amazed that so many ppl still use VS 6.0 (from 1998) instead of just using VS 2005 (the express versions are completely free). Are you using Win98 as well? Anyway, I use VS 2005, but using the LINQ / C# 3.0 compiler (still beta).
  12. abnormal

    Getting a Job as a Game Programmer

    Generally there are a lot of jobs in the game development sector and every year more companies are created (we got one of the biggest grow rates in the computer industry). The main problem is however the amount of people who are trying to get a job in the game industry. Especially bigger game companies will get a lot of applications and being the best is not always easy. I personally do always preffer people who are experienced, I do not care at all about education or any degrees. If someone is able to program cool games, or can do amazing graphics, etc. and is a good team worker, that is way better than some university degree, which gurantees me nothing. Other than that just write applications and try over and over again (like with every job) ^^
  13. Just check out SharpZipLib!
  14. There are a couple of 3ds libraries and sample code around, mostly in c++. It is not hard porting them over to c# and implementing them in your engine if you really want to use 3ds files (I strongly suggest against them, the format is just way to old and unflexible, you will not be able to implement any new features that easily).
  15. thats quite normal, try to increase the z bias and maybe add a little offset when comparing the shadow depth buffer with your scene depth buffer (very small). maybe you have also a percision problem, try using a greater bit depth (32 bit instead of 8 or 16 bit). shadow mapping is a lot of tweaking, especially if you don't have high percision formats available.
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