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  1. Is There a Way to Import Blender Models into DirectX 10?

    I'll take a look into Ogre and Unity. I know of both. I know I can program Ogre-based games with C++, and I have pdf tutorials on how to program in Ogre. As for Unity, I know nothing about it, other than that it was used for the browser-based Battlestar Galactic game. As for what my goals are, I haven't figured much out yet. I'm just learning some of the processes with both modelling and coding, which I have a little experience in both. I'm have some ideas, but I have yet to fully develop them.
  2. Is There a Way to Import Blender Models into DirectX 10?

    And as for Assimp, I'll check it out. I'm needing all the help I can I making my own games right now.
  3. Is There a Way to Import Blender Models into DirectX 10?

    I'm familiar with the Wavefront Obj file extension. The only question I have is this - do textures also get exported with the file? I've used that file for the whole exporting/importing thing, but I've never used the process on models with textures. I still have a lot to learn on that front.
  4. I've been modelling in the Blender 3D suite for over a year now, and I was wanting to import my models into DirectX 10. Unfortunately, Blender only exports it's models in the .x file extension, which I found out was deprecated from DirectX 10. Does anyone know of any other way I could import my Blender models into DirectX 10? Since I'm starting to learn how to program DirectX 10 games with Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition, I have yet to learn about DirectX programming. I heard other 3D programs - such as 3DS Max - export to DirectX using the .x file extension also. Hopefully somebody could help me find a solution to my problem.