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  1. This question might have been asked a lot of times earlier too, but after an intensive Google search I landed in a no-man's-land. So I am here to ask this. I have a great interest in programming with C++ and I have even made a lot of university projects in C++. But now I want to start as an indie game developer but I don't know where to start. A lot of questions are arising in my mind and few of which are - Should I learn graphics API's first like OpenGL or Direct3D or should I start with some game programming book which covers both? Or rather I should start with a Game Engine like unity? (I don't want to be a game designer though) Please provide me your suggestions or links to guides, tuts or whatever reference is available in this regard. My main target is to create games for PC's.
  2. I tried Google but found quite old articles, so I am in search of an answer in context to year 2012. Hi all, I don't know if you will consider this question appropriate for this community but I am constantly searching for a perfect answer. What I have seen is that most of the games that are released these days are DirectX 1x based. Except for few games like Starcraft or Diablo which don't have high end graphics are using OpenGL. So I have few questions to ask. The platforms i would like to target are PC (windows), Xbox 360 and PS3 (must).[list=1] [*]Should I go with learning OpenGL to see my future in game development industry? Or should I shift to Directx? [*]If I learn OpenGL first, will it be difficult to learn direcx then? [*]If I try to stay an indie game developer, which API would be good? [*]Which one of the two API's are better from coder's (programmer's) point of view? Like OOP and style of coding. [/list] Is openGL being cross platform should be the only reason to choose it over Directx? Even when vendors are not providing enough stable drivers for it. Thanks in advance.