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  1. masonium

    give up learning C++?

    Learn it. You don't have to be a "master" of a language to produce useful things from it. Start with simple programs and grow to bigger ones, increasing your knowledge of the language as you go. You can do a *lot* with even a subset of C++.
  2. masonium

    Fewer, better, harder, stronger

    Shadow of the colossus, for playstation 2, has a similar concept, on the very basic level. The game consists entirely of very large "bosses" that you must conquer.
  3. masonium

    integral of cosine product

    cos(a + b) = cos(a)cos(b) - sin(a)sin(b) cos(a - b) = cos(a)cos(b) + sin(a)sin(b) cos(a + b) + cos(a - b) = 2cos(a)cos(b) ( cos(a + b) + cos(a - b) ) / 2 = cos(a)cos(b)
  4. masonium

    What Is The Next Stage of Game Graphics?

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes c) Do you think raytracing can produce the same effects non-photorealistic images (OP image for example)? c1) Would it be harder or easier or just as difficult? it seems like NPR (as well as many aspects of photo-realistic rendering) is easier with ray tracing, if only because you naturally access to so much more information during computation that you have in rasterization-based rendering. Mason
  5. masonium

    Auto-cast a class in c++

    You can use operator overloading for casting. #include <iostream> using std::cout; class EvenNumber { public: EvenNumber(int i) : num(i) { } operator bool() { return ((num % 2) == 0); } int num; }; int main (int argc, char** args) { EvenNumber x5(5); EvenNumber x6(6); if (x5) cout << "5 is even."; if (x6) cout << "6 is even."; return 1; } Note that operator bool doesn't have a return type, since it's implied.
  6. I have 6. PM me if you want one.
  7. masonium

    Post your AP Scores!

    Sophomore: AP Physics B - 4 Junior: AP Calculus BC - 5 AP Statistics - 5
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