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  1. The games called "masterpieces"

    My personal oppinion about that is that there are not that much games which fall into the category "masterpiece" and each person has its own notion about a "master-piece". I define a masterpiece simply by the fact that i can play this games over and over again and still have a great time with it. I have a small personal favorite lists of games which i consider a "master-piece": - Beyond Two Souls - Life is strange - Ori and the blind forest - Secret of Mana - Zelda a link to the past and Ocarina of time - Quake 3 Arena (DeFrag mod only)
  2. $(Configuration) is the current solution configuration! You cannot have different configurations on multiple projects.
  3. Coding moods

    I am full time working 8+ hours each day, writing desktop applications with C#/C++/Delphi in a boring environment. When i get home i most likely dont want to code anymore - i am pretty much burned out daily, even though the work i do is not that hard. But its very frustrating due to the fact that we use technology which are unstable like hell (DevExpress, Delphi, WPF, XAML)... So when i get home i rather play games, listen to music, try to relax - but this mostly doesent work due to the fact that i have my kids jumping around me. This has the result that my private projects suffer a lot, especially the game prototypes i work on will never get past any prototype stage. I try to counter that by rarely leaving the office more early (to decrease my positive time balance) and code a little bit when i am fully alone. Sometimes this works well and i get very productive and sometimes i lose interest pretty fast and get distracted by other things.
  4. hand over your source code or you get no refund

    Does this one project file really contains your full game with all the logic and assets - can you verify it? Normally a project file just links other content together, but does not contain any content. Maybe its just a xml with some engine settings, which are broken now - due to the migration from construct 2 to 3 or something - just guessing. Also did you double checked if there is a migration guide on their site? Maybe you need to adjust some stuff to make it work - before you actually migrate it. But your best option, which are already suggested here are to send them a small example that reproduces the bug.
  5. Forget it, i introduced a callback to prepare a window for graphics api initialization, like SetPixelFormat() on Win32 or glxChooseVisual() on GLX/POSIX. This callback is called before the actual window is being created.
  6. I am starting to get into linux X11/GLX programming, but from every C example i found - there is this XVisualInfo thing parameter passed to XCreateWindow always. Can i control this parameter later on - when the window is already created? What i want it to change my own non GLX window to be a GLX window - without recreating. Is that possible? On win32 this works just fine to create a rendering context later on, i simply find and setup the pixel format from a pixel format descriptor and create the context and are ready to go. I am asking, because if that doesent work - i need to change a few things to support both worlds (Create a context from a existing window, create a context for a new window).
  7. Oh and there is another reason why i dont play horror games: My wife cannot handle horror at all and she watches me play a lot. So i dont want to scare the hell out of her.
  8. I dont like games which are built on pure violence, but games using horror or shock elements are fine, when not exaggerated. Example games i dont like: The evil within, Postel, etc But i have no problem playing zombie games, like left 4 dead or the last of us.
  9. Need to map Xbox360 controller.

    I fully agree. My logitech wireless gamepad F-something was never working in a lot of unity-based games (Life is strange, Ori and the blind forest, etc.). I dont understand why that is, on windows XInput is pretty much the gold standard to get any gamepad device working, it has one of easiest api´s ever written by MS and just works.
  10. I dont play any pure kind of 100% horror games like for example Resident Evil or Silent Hill or the games with lots of torturing going on. Also i dont consider Half-Life to be a "Horror" game, but it has some elements of it. The last games which i played with a few horror elements: "Beyond Two Souls" and the recent "Doom". But thats it.
  11. Web Development Decisions.

    How it feels like to write web shit today: https://hackernoon.com/how-it-feels-to-learn-javascript-in-2016-d3a717dd577f
  12. Trickjumping in games

    Oh you are right, i missed some important instructions: The q3 engine has no fixed physics by default, so stable trickjumping will only work when you either set "pmove_fixed" to "1" or change the "com_maxfps" and "sv_fps" to "125". This must be set up in the q3config.cfg or in the console (Tilde key). Then it should work properly... Without this changes, even a bridge to rail jump is extremely hard. Also you need to press the forward key always, otherwise the plasma knockback will push you back from the wall. If you dont get high enough, just increase the angle more to the wall but just a little bit... Yeah strafe jumping is pretty much a bug since quake 1, but all this bugs makes this great experience.
  13. Problem with sleep

    Yeah sometimes i have this too. Also for me this may happen even without doing any programming at all -> Kids are so tiring sometimes and getting proper sleep is hard nowadays.
  14. Trickjumping in games

    Partly true, some techniques are pretty hard to learn (circle jumps, plat-strafes, air-strafe). Some are pretty easy if you have a good tutorial - but there was always a lack of tutorials for that stuff or the tutorials was just a pretty showcase... For example, vertical plasma climbing is the easiest thing: stand on a wall, look at the edge between floor and wall but move the cursor above the edge, jump, held down the forward key, starting shooting plasma - without moving the mouse or pushing additional keys at all. After a few minutes everyone can do that. Of course doing it higher, climbing curves, switching sides, etc is more hard...
  15. Trickjumping in games

    Yeah thats speed-capturing. Really important if you want to be really fast, a lot of modern games does this totally wrong. With horizontal overbounces in Q3 this gets more insane, for example in q3ctf4 you can capture the flag in around 10 secs normally, but with a good timed rocket and one horizontal OB you get it in third of the time. If you can do such a thing in a professional match without getting fragged you rule that match pretty fast.
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