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  1. Hmm.. well now i'm even more confused of what to pick. C# is similar to C++ but somewhat easier. <- not my opinion cuz i don't know either of them, but both on this forum and others, that's what people keep saying. My question is, "how similar are they?". If I decided to put in some effort to learn C++, how easy would it be to transfer that knowledge to C#? I know C# is more recent than C++. Is there possibility that all future consoles will rely "mostly" on C# instead of C++? Or will C# forever be something on the side that is microsoft oriented and not used too much outside of anything microsoft-related?
  2. Hmm... thanks Ripiz for the information. I'm still a little let down that it uses C++ though. [b]Does it "have" to be C++ for it to work on those consoles? It can't be anything else?[/b] I'm also interested in ActionScript which is for flash-related projects. Would it be possible for it to work on the PSV and other SONY consoles? Or is it really strictly C++? I know C++ takes years and years of learning before you could really do much with gaming in specific which is the main reason why I don't want to go for it. This is completely out of hobby so I don't want to spend several "years" learning the language before I could actually do anything with it. XD As you can see, I'm really trying to avoid C++ at all costs. It just doesn't make sense for a hobbyist who wants to make a few simple games on a whim to spend years learning how to do it if there are other alternatives. Though I know some people go that far, knowing myself, I probably wouldn't be able to.
  3. Hi, I'm interested in learning some programming language. Though C++ is nice and all and is most used, I'm more fond of C# since it is "rumored" to be less complex. However, to my dismay, I see that it is mostly designed for microsoft related consoles and hardware. Like Windows computers, windows phones, and the XBOX series. But I do know that indie games have been made and sent to the PS3. At least, I think? And now there's the PS Vita. After coming across this announcement on this forums randomly on google: [url="http://www.ngemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=147388"]http://www.ngemu.com...ad.php?t=147388[/url] [b]I find out that PS Vita will accept indie games. [/b] Now, don't get me wrong here. I'm not trying to receive money or anything in return for the games like what the site is saying. I just wanna make them for fun. And while sony's not perfect, I (out of personal experience of using both consoles over many years), I don't really like XBOX. Not for anything really. It's just, the klunky controller and the fact that I have to pay monthly for LIVE. While SONY has not made good use of its online features in the kinds of games I play (putting them and the fact that they're free to waste), I'd still prefer it over paying monthly for LIVE. So, I'm not doing this for money or anything. Simply because I like games. And I don't think SONY is the "best" but I'm less fond of microsoft's xbox series in comparison to SONY because I liked the PSP, PS2, and PS1. I have good memories of them. The PS1 and PS2 were the consoles that got me into gaming in specific along with Nintendo 64 and its game boy series all the way up to the modern day DSi. So if I could make games that port to them I think that'd be pretty cool. Other than that I've enjoyed using the XBOX. But it's not a console series that I have much attachment to. I lean more towards sony and nintendo. So, I'm kinda excited that we can make indie games for the Vita. Now comes my over dramatized question, [size=5][b]what programming language does the PS Vita or PS3 indie games use? Or what language is required to be used in order for the game to port to the console properly or be compatible with it?[/b][/size] Especially the PS Vita. I see how SONY has decided to join the hype over indie games. But I've looked all over google and couldn't find any information on the type of programming that's compatible with PS Vita and/or PS3. I know C# is used for microsoft. Will it be applicable to Sony consoles as well? Or does it use something else? I'm guessing it probably will since SONY wants indie games designed for the PSV to be sony-exclusive for about a year or two. And that'd be difficult to accomplish if it used C#, right? I'd be sad if it were strictly C++ or C though; because I've heard that it's very complicated language and takes many years to learn. If I wanted to get a job as a game developer or work at a big company or in a team of developers then that'd be fine. But I don't think that I would want to go for it because I am not interested in going that far. And even if I were, it would not be with programming but something else. ;3 So, please, if anyone can answer my question I'd be thankful <3333 And if you could let me know what the 3Ds uses I'd also be glad. And maybe even the Wii, though I don't know if it'd transfer to the WiiU. But I'm most interested in knowing the Vita right now. >w<; Many thanks in advance~*spam of less than 3's* <333333333333 [u][b]EDIT:::[/b][/u] Also, almost forgot, "[u][b]Is it legal[/b][/u] to port indie games to the PS Vita?" I mean, it's not hacking is it? @-@ srry, i'm newb. But will it be ok to release free games to port to these consoles and "not" have them published by sony and put up on PSN?
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