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  1. Well I am in my senior year of graduating with my CS degree, and I have decided on a senior project. Now, I have two semesters to finish it(May 09), and have hit a mental road block. I am creating a server/client application that utilizes distributed computing(one server, many clients) for web data mining. Now, I can do this in C# and it will take my a couple of months to develop because everything is "built in", I just need to focus on the design. I am thinking about switching over to C++ so I can learn as much as possible. I am familiar with Win32 API programming and C++, but I know this will take me a lot longer to complete, BUT I will learn A LOT more. I am leaning towards the C++ side right now, but I do not know for sure. So, do you guys have any suggestions? Pros/Cons? I know its best to use the tool suitable for the job. Thanks guys...
  2. Embedded Console in Win32 App

    i made a program similar to that back om 2001. its at http://www.planetcpp.com/~adrian/ click on tutorials.
  3. www.desaware.com has a lot of tools for hooking windows. i used to use vbmsg.vbx back in the VB3 days when I did AOL add-on programming. When i switched over to 32bit VB, I used spywork control. Ive always been a fan of dan appleman
  4. Can't decided really which to major in. I have a strong background in computers and computer programming...but want to learn more about developing hardware/microcontrollers/new technlogies. Im going to the University of Houston and they both require the same classes for the first two years, after that it branches off. Im thinking of Computer Engineer, but it isnt accreddited with ABET...only EE...should that really matter? There is also a Tech program, but im gonna stay away from that. Im doing to minor in Comp Si in either field. What do you guys suggest?
  5. ive showed him links, articles, and he still says that XP doesnt support large drives because of the "barrier"(250gb shows as 127gb)..i told him that the Windows XP(NTFS) DOES support large drives(up to 2terabyts) but he just wont believe me.... What do u guys think?
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