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  1. Free Soundtrack Music for any projects

    Oh hey, that makes two of us. I used to use Native Instruments VI One Audio Units (Mac's version of VST), which was a decent selection and pretty cheap as well. Currently I was able to get Komplete 8 which is amazing. What genre video game would you enjoy scoring the most?
  2. Free Soundtrack Music for any projects

    I'm a fellow composer and just checked out your website. What software do you use to compose? Your music sounds great, would love to hear some more!
  3. Introduction: Tim Vaddish

    Hey there, My name is Tim Vaddish and I have been composing for roughly five years. I have a passion for the RPG and Fighting game genres, and particularly enjoy creating theme songs for characters. I tend to lean towards more orchestral styles as of late, but I won't hesitate to get down with some synth sounds! There are days when I just throw stuff together, not too focused on the style. It's one thing to just talk about it, here's a link to my website.