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  1. Hey guys, I'm programmer with around seven/eight years experience (non-professional) and I have worked mainly with Unity and C#, I have worked with other languages/frameworks as well. I have a very strong understanding of OOP and code architecture and I really enjoy working on large systems that scale and perform well. As far as the type of project I'm looking for, I'm not too picky but I would prefer joining a project that is already established and serious. I really like RPG games but the genre of the project doesn't matter too much either. I'm mainly looking to bolster my portfolio so I'm not looking for monetary gain, just experience with getting a complete project under my belt and getting familiar with the project life-cycle as a whole. To contact me you can either leave a private message on here or add my Discord tag: Joshmond(pound sign/hash)3322. Regards -Joshmond
  2. Hello, I am a programmer with a lot of free time and want to dedicate that time to a serious project. I don't mind what sort of project I work on or how big the scope is but I do ask that the project has been established and is managed well. I really enjoy RPG games and I enjoy developing large systems that scale. I have been programming for around seven years using C# and Unity, I have a good grasp on Object-Oriented Programming and good systems design. I have had experience with coding in other languages such as Java and have experience in other areas of programming such as database programming. My main speciality when it comes to programming is general gameplay scripting and UI, that being said I really want to get into Tools development. when I develop tools for games I prefer to use WPF and/or Winforms. I would ideally like to join a project that is already well established and has a solid team behind it. I can work well both independently and as part of a team. I have experience with working in Agile development team as well. If you are interested in me joining one of your projects, you can send me a message.
  3. Hello, we are an indie startup team that are currently recruiting C# programmers to work on our project "Ring Out". Ring Out is a simple, intuitive, fast paced, and colorful 3D Arena fighting game, where the goal is to knock your opponent out of the ring by any means necessary! Build your momentum in order to get "Hyped" and deliver a devastating special attack for a guaranteed "Ring Out!". The ideal candidate will be an experienced C# programmer and ideally have experience with several of the of the topics listed below. Essential Skills Experienced in C# Well Versed in OOP Strong problem solving skills Familiarity with GitHub Willing to work with Agile/Scrum Familiarity with Unity or a similar game engine Desirable Skills Familiarity with Winforms or WPF technologies (used for Tools) Knowledge of Scrum Knowledge of S.O.L.I.D principles Knowledge of Unit Testing Willing to undergo code reviews Knowledge of JIRA/Confluence Here at Basement2dot0 we take our project very seriously and it is well defined in terms of scope and management. This could be a good opportunity for any developer that is willing to work within a well defined project structure. The ideal candidate will work on a variety of systems which will help them hone their craft and grow as a developer.
  4. Hi, guys I'm new here so this is my first post. I am part of a fan-made game called Banjo Kazooie the crystal jiggy, the game is in development at very early stages however, I was wondering if anyone would like to help out. We are in need of programmers that can either work with JavaScript or C#. The game is being developed in unity so some knowledge of how unity works is essential. We are in need of programmers, modellers and animators.We have a small team working on the project but the team only has two programmers myself (C#) and the project leader (JavaScript). Help on this project will be really appreciated. Hope to hear from you guys. For more information please visit http://retrorevival.webs.com/ or personal message me For people who want to contribute to this project they need to take it seriously and show dedication. -Thanks in advance
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