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  1. Nicholas Kong

    Overcoming Procrastination

    You hit the nail on the head with this article! I can definitely relate a lot.
  2. Nicholas Kong

    10 Tips for a Better Cover Letter

    what is a 64k demo? just curious. I did research on 64k demo and it seems you are referring to the size of a file. I might be wrong...
  3. Nicholas Kong

    Great and empowering article! Exactly what I did with Physics and I passed it with a C. Such a hard class but the time put in made me pass. I also did the same with game programming and my programming skills increased so much!   I really wish I knew this information when I started college. I would def have graduated college a lot sooner instead I am still in college.
  4. Nicholas Kong

  5. Nicholas Kong

    Ten Things to Achieve When Starting 3D Programming

    I never learned 3D programming yet. I am still teaching myself 3D programming. Man it is a whole different world reading this article about it.
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