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  1. Localized Resource Systems

    I've been reading posts on here every day for the last couple weeks, but haven't actually posted myself or created an account until now. I was thinking of exactly this same topic for the last half hour or so and then stumbled on your post. I [i]had [/i]to create my account and reply. Great topic! I think adding another a level of resource management and control to a game opens the door to a lot of different possibilities like AltarofScience mentioned, but finding that sweet spot between adding a fun level of complexity and creating too much micromanagement could be tough. Also, if you're talking about a multi-player environment and you allow users to interrupt supply lines, you'll have to consider how to do this without allowing them to completely choke off their resources to the point it is no longer fun (i.e. griefing). At least, these are some of the thoughts that had crossed my mind. Should resources travel to their destination in a vulnerable transport or just magically appear at their destination after a given period of time? Maybe you're envisioning a system where there are so many transports and materials that it wouldn't be possible for other player (or AI) units to completely stop the flow of resources... Anyhow, I personally am a fan of your idea of resource management if it's implemented in a way that you're not micromanaging every aspect of their transport and some few amount of resources can reach their destination more often than not. I think my reply may have been influenced a bit more by my own particular situation than exactly what you're describing, but I hope it was at least somewhat helpful.
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