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    Database Primary Key

    Very useful information right there. Thx When building a database, how high should i go with the normal form?
  2. korbul

    Database Primary Key

    thx, int seems like the way to go
  3. korbul

    Database Primary Key

    Thank you all for your information.
  4. korbul

    Database Primary Key

    Yes indeed, that answers my question. Thank you. However, for knowledge's sake, if the user would not be able to change his name, would it be ok for playerName to be primary key?
  5. Hello guys, I'm new to gamedev.net and i came here with a question. I'm building an online game with c++, but that's not what my question is about. In my database, I have a table named Players. The structure of Players is something like [color=#800000]playerID(primary key), playerName, etc. Now here is what I need to know: 1. If playerName is unique, can I remove playerID and make playerName primary key? 2. Why would the above be ok/not ok? The entries in Players table could go as high as thousands. I am using MySql with InnoDB Thank you.
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