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  1. Recently, I've been designing an RPG game. It's called Forgotten, which I plan to release in 2014 as a 2D game and in 2015 as a 3D game. You play as a hero who has no recollection of anything, but his name (which, conveniently, you provide). He/she (your call) wakes up in a little hut. There's a sign saying, "You are the hero(ine). Do something." You must venture across 9, unique, different terrains to recover the 9 Gaen, which when combined, they will destroy the great evil that is looming over the land of Aladoria. However, the journey won't be easy. Recovering the Gaen of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Beauty, Creation, Sight, Harmony, and Fortune won't be easy. You have to explore areas that are procedural generated as you go, meaning an infinite world until you find the Gaen. Forgotten itself is actually a sandbox/RPG combo, which means it has RPG elements, and a storyline, but in a sandbox world, akin to Terraria or Minecraft. Not only do you need to progress through 9 different levels of increasing difficulty, you need to survive. There is a maximum tier of gear you can obtain in each region. By the end of the game, you will have brilliant gear, and you'll need it for the final boss fight. [b]FEATURES[/b] -30+ classes to play! -20+ races to play! -40+ unique skills to customize your character -Randomly generated enemies -Randomly generated terrain -And much much more... Why have I posted this here? Well, it's because I need help. Such an ambitious project is extremely difficult to do by oneself. It is possible, but quite frankly, I am horrible with sprites/graphics, and I could stand to improve plenty on my random world generation skills. If you are potentially interested in aiding me with this project, I am looking for one-two spriters (graphic designers), and one-two coders. Please email me at madhoggames@webs.com if you want to learn more.