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  1. January 2015 I started perusing a a Computer Science BS I really enjoyed it and in my part time I started learning Unity. Fast forward to now I am still doing alright in college, but I find that I am very bored/uninterested in my programming courses. I only really care about programming games but not so much anything else. I feel as though the Computer Science BS is not for me and I'm not sure where to turn. Just wanted to put this out there and get some thoughts.
  2. I made a repo on GitHub (the website), downloaded the client, cloned it in, moved my project in the clone directory, and I still didn't see the files. So I checked under "Changes", and found my project files. Now it's saying "Could not commit submodules". How do I fix this?
  3. [For a Beginner] C++ express 2010 or C++ express 2012?

    Well after thinking it over I have decided I will go along with C#. As for the matter of IED's I am just going to use the default one.
  4. [size=5]Don't bother with DRM it [b]will be pirated no matter what you do[/b].[/size]
  5. [For a Beginner] C++ express 2010 or C++ express 2012?

    Look guys (or girls) I don't know much of anything regarding programming (as I stated before) however what I do know is.... *C++ is the standard however it has a [b]very steep [/b]learning curb (even worse for me since I'm a beginner) *I had Java in the back of my mind for a while but I read (from other forums so don't take this as a solid point) that Java is rather dated Since I was not so specific in my OP apparently let me ask a few other questions... *What exactly is a library and how do I apply it into my programming? *What is an engine? (I see on various games that it is powered by so and so's engine [url=""]example[/url] - from what I understand it basically runs the code??) [size=1]Please stop arguing... because a lot of what I've read has gone over my head (obviously you know more than I on the matter)[/size]
  6. [For a Beginner] C++ express 2010 or C++ express 2012?

    [quote name='GeneralQuery' timestamp='1348598048' post='4983670'] I cannot think of any reasonable justification for a complete beginner learning C++ over something like C#. "Complete freedom" for a beginner = enough rope to hang yourself many times over. There's nothing that cannot be learned faster and easier with other languages without the frustration of the sort of problems C++ can throw at you. Unless you have an academic or professional reason to learn C++ as a first language, I strongly recommend against it. [/quote] Again would I still be able to make good things in C#? I know that I am not going to make an amazing game in a day but I still want to make sure that the language I start with is [b]good[/b].
  7. [For a Beginner] C++ express 2010 or C++ express 2012?

    BinaryPhysics: your name kind of relates to my next question... How long do you think it takes to make a game like Igneous? a group of students at DigiPen made it (link:
  8. [For a Beginner] C++ express 2010 or C++ express 2012?

    I'm still leaning towards C++ but why would I want to use C# over C++?
  9. For a while I've been wanting to jump into programming but I've always put it off. I want to eventually make a first person horror game - but that is a huge goal. I don't have a very good misunderstanding of engines or any of that... yet. However now I am going to start but naturally I have a big question that a more experience person can probably answer... *Should I start learning with C++ express 2010 or C++ express 2012? (or something else) *Any other general advice? [size=2]I removed the poll. Please see the FAQ. -- jpetrie[/size]