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  1. I'll cut right to the chase, Right now I only understand how to put an array of vertices into a buffer, and have them pointed linked and filled on to the screen. I want to be able to make pong, which involves 3 squares, player 1 square, player 2 square and the "ball" square. How do I make it so I can spawn the ball, and 2 players without having to use one array, which I'm sure would be too arduous and very painful. Any direction in which I should be facing? Conceptually speaking? My ultimate goal in all this is to get a better understanding of a relatively multiplatform API.  
  2. I would really appreciate some help in understanding what the function does, and how to use it. If you could give detailed (like I'm five) examples with code I would appreciate that alot.
  3. Game Engine from scratch using C++ and python - Where do I start?

    [quote name='zalzane' timestamp='1349198824' post='4986107'] Everyone in this thread is a naysayer. The first thing you do to create a game engine is to program several games. Take note what kinds of tools and algorithms you reuse in each game, and build a framework off those algorithms. Needless to say, once you've programmed several games, you won't actually be a beginner anymore. [/quote] Thankyou SO so so very much. Your relatively small, but effective answer gets my upvote. I understand alot more now, and have grown better from it. I hope something good happens to you in return (karma).
  4. Hello! Please brace for NEWBINESS- I was finally sick of "Playing games" that make rules for me and I wanted to make my dream game! So, after long hours of reading (very interesting) books on Python and C++, aswell as other languages, I decided to start! So i bring to you this question; Where do I start? I dont want to use an engine, i want to MAKE one- Voxel based, full 100% destruction, lots of physics and math involved, 2D visuals using sprites and such. How do I start? Where do I start? What am i missing? How do I improve? I'm hoping you can answer my question, since i've been getting pushed left and right and downvoted everywhere