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  1. We are going to build a multiplayer game. The idea is that every player has a tablet and is connected to a server. The server should control the game logic, while the clients (the tablets) will only serve as a frontend to the game. We need to make a decision about the frameworks/programming language we are going to use. A crossplatform frontend would be cool, but is not mandatory. It has to run on Android devices at least. The communication between the server and the client must be bidirectional and realtime. We don't care about a small amount of delay. Currently we consider an HTML5 client in combination with a javascript server (running upon nodejs) to be the best option. The communication would be managed by the javascript library The HTML5 frontend can be run either in-browser or as an app (built with PhoneGap). However we did not decide yet since we want to be sure to make the right choice. There might be frameworks that can do a better job. Does anyone know a better solution?